Saturday, September 18, 2010

One Funny YouTuber!

Dear Blog Follower,

I am here to address to you a concern of mine. As i am grateful that you take valuable time out of your 24 hour day, i am worried that you don't get the big picture. I really do appreciate that your like my blog posts enough to return over and over to read more, but if i can ask you a question (you probably wont answer in the comments) about YouTube, then i would really and truly be grateful! Here i am now going to ask you my question, Have you heard of couchpotatoekid05? If you answered Yes, Then great for you, it's truly amazing that you can expierence some great (and mostly appropriate in most) videos! If you answered No, then i feel sorry for you. You can't laugh at something truly funny and mostly appropriate. If i had to choose between Shane Dawnson, iJustine, or chouchpotatoekid05, i would choose couchpotatoekid05! Because he's not a "Popular YouTuber" and only has around 100 followers, he is a nice guy. I have talked to him through YouTube email and Formspring and he is a nice guy. I like nice people. So if you ever need a good laugh, check out his channel. To give you a sample of his vidoes, here is my personal favorite out of all his videos!

Make that video full screen. Ok .... Hope that you all have a nice day. I hope it's full of laugher, fun, and exiting adventures in the amazon forest (watch out for those wierd fish ....)!!

Zachary Penguin

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