Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Books, Apps, and Sci-Fi (Oh My!)

I can't believe its been 11 days since the last post, good grief (I apologize). But i wanted to let you know that i have been crazy busy on a lot of stuff recently. If your connected to me on facebook, then your already gonna know most of information i am going to tell you, but for those of you who are rudely not friends with me on facebook ... well, i will keep you in the loop. 1st things 1st, I have been saying 'cool beans' alot recently and its my newest .... phrase? I really don't know why and i honestly wish i could figure it out, but i guess i just find it really catchy and thats that. 2nd on the agenda is gonna be my facebook extravaganza. Thanks to my Nephew, i have been playing a new Facebook App. called WarStorm and i really enjoy it equally as much as Pet Wars and Wild Ones (also other Facebook Apps). Pretty much, you get some cards, battle other armies and see who wins (mostly its me but my level gives me much harder battles now). As simple as that sounds, its a tough strategy game. What do i spend my silver on? Save for more cards or buy sooner? It's all a 50/50 gamble. I would continue on but its not that important, haha. Next on the agenda is STORIES! Ahh, yes, my beloved story. I am writing a story right now and its not like my short stories where i have a quick, funny plot that gives you something to "lol" about, but its more of a book where there is a thick plot with dynamic characters and a storyline that will keep you glued to the pages! So far (as Microsoft Word 2007 tells me), i have 12 pages on Volume One (I'm breaking them up in volumes right now so i can have them better organized) and i am working on Volume Two as we speak (3 pages right now). It's truly amazing how i have totally evolved into a writer who not only can create a story with characters, but also captivate the reader and really draw them in to feel the emotions one character feels and how you can feel the despair one character feels inside. you can laugh with one  character and feel the tension with another. I really like how you can form words and put them in a row, creating a whole new world of people to be born. I abosoutly love it! If i could write for the rest of my life, i would be in heaven, because nobody can take my voice away and when i write, thats my voice on paper. I have really taken a huge gap from my poetry and moved to writing stories. I really see myself evolving as a writer and hope to write a book that other people find on a book shelf, buy, and enjoy (maybe refer to a few friends)! Thats just my two-cents though, enough said. For some reason, I don't like reading books as much as i enjoy writing my own. I really like the 13th Reality Series by James Dashner, its where i am getting a lot of creative ideas for my stories! This Author is plain awesome. He also writes the Jimmy Fincher Saga (series of 4 books) and its a great sci-fi series (13th reality is also sci-fi fiction) that i could read over and over until i die! I really enjoy reading Sci-Fi Fiction books because its always full of something strange or bizzare. Maybe a creature you couldn't imagine until you read about it or a world full of people and plants that would never exist on earth. Its fun to read about that, most other books just bore me. I find no interest in them. I like to surround myself in fiction and creative ideas. Only my friend George understands that. My other friends just think im wierd, lol. I wish i could give you a sample of my story and what i've got so far, but i am not giving a copy of this to anyone except my editor and (maybe) my illistrator (if i can find one). But i got to keep this story on the DL until i can solve a few issues concerning this. Other then that, i might go to my friends house this upcoming Tuesday (he has to talk to his parents).

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