Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Books, Apps, and Sci-Fi (Oh My!)

I can't believe its been 11 days since the last post, good grief (I apologize). But i wanted to let you know that i have been crazy busy on a lot of stuff recently. If your connected to me on facebook, then your already gonna know most of information i am going to tell you, but for those of you who are rudely not friends with me on facebook ... well, i will keep you in the loop. 1st things 1st, I have been saying 'cool beans' alot recently and its my newest .... phrase? I really don't know why and i honestly wish i could figure it out, but i guess i just find it really catchy and thats that. 2nd on the agenda is gonna be my facebook extravaganza. Thanks to my Nephew, i have been playing a new Facebook App. called WarStorm and i really enjoy it equally as much as Pet Wars and Wild Ones (also other Facebook Apps). Pretty much, you get some cards, battle other armies and see who wins (mostly its me but my level gives me much harder battles now). As simple as that sounds, its a tough strategy game. What do i spend my silver on? Save for more cards or buy sooner? It's all a 50/50 gamble. I would continue on but its not that important, haha. Next on the agenda is STORIES! Ahh, yes, my beloved story. I am writing a story right now and its not like my short stories where i have a quick, funny plot that gives you something to "lol" about, but its more of a book where there is a thick plot with dynamic characters and a storyline that will keep you glued to the pages! So far (as Microsoft Word 2007 tells me), i have 12 pages on Volume One (I'm breaking them up in volumes right now so i can have them better organized) and i am working on Volume Two as we speak (3 pages right now). It's truly amazing how i have totally evolved into a writer who not only can create a story with characters, but also captivate the reader and really draw them in to feel the emotions one character feels and how you can feel the despair one character feels inside. you can laugh with one  character and feel the tension with another. I really like how you can form words and put them in a row, creating a whole new world of people to be born. I abosoutly love it! If i could write for the rest of my life, i would be in heaven, because nobody can take my voice away and when i write, thats my voice on paper. I have really taken a huge gap from my poetry and moved to writing stories. I really see myself evolving as a writer and hope to write a book that other people find on a book shelf, buy, and enjoy (maybe refer to a few friends)! Thats just my two-cents though, enough said. For some reason, I don't like reading books as much as i enjoy writing my own. I really like the 13th Reality Series by James Dashner, its where i am getting a lot of creative ideas for my stories! This Author is plain awesome. He also writes the Jimmy Fincher Saga (series of 4 books) and its a great sci-fi series (13th reality is also sci-fi fiction) that i could read over and over until i die! I really enjoy reading Sci-Fi Fiction books because its always full of something strange or bizzare. Maybe a creature you couldn't imagine until you read about it or a world full of people and plants that would never exist on earth. Its fun to read about that, most other books just bore me. I find no interest in them. I like to surround myself in fiction and creative ideas. Only my friend George understands that. My other friends just think im wierd, lol. I wish i could give you a sample of my story and what i've got so far, but i am not giving a copy of this to anyone except my editor and (maybe) my illistrator (if i can find one). But i got to keep this story on the DL until i can solve a few issues concerning this. Other then that, i might go to my friends house this upcoming Tuesday (he has to talk to his parents).

Saturday, September 18, 2010

One Funny YouTuber!

Dear Blog Follower,

I am here to address to you a concern of mine. As i am grateful that you take valuable time out of your 24 hour day, i am worried that you don't get the big picture. I really do appreciate that your like my blog posts enough to return over and over to read more, but if i can ask you a question (you probably wont answer in the comments) about YouTube, then i would really and truly be grateful! Here i am now going to ask you my question, Have you heard of couchpotatoekid05? If you answered Yes, Then great for you, it's truly amazing that you can expierence some great (and mostly appropriate in most) videos! If you answered No, then i feel sorry for you. You can't laugh at something truly funny and mostly appropriate. If i had to choose between Shane Dawnson, iJustine, or chouchpotatoekid05, i would choose couchpotatoekid05! Because he's not a "Popular YouTuber" and only has around 100 followers, he is a nice guy. I have talked to him through YouTube email and Formspring and he is a nice guy. I like nice people. So if you ever need a good laugh, check out his channel. To give you a sample of his vidoes, here is my personal favorite out of all his videos!

Make that video full screen. Ok .... Hope that you all have a nice day. I hope it's full of laugher, fun, and exiting adventures in the amazon forest (watch out for those wierd fish ....)!!

Zachary Penguin

Tommow is the last day on earth!

BE WARNED !!! This post is highly religious and full of my point of view on life and creation!! If you are allergic to really religious people, you better get your medicine, because i'm going to put a waterfall of informaiton in your (insert body of water)!

Now that you know this information, i may continue. I may be wrong throwing opinions around, but i think the rapture is happening tomorrow because in isreal, there in the middle of The Feast of Trumpets and thats a religious thingy (September 16th - 20th) where the Jewish People feast and pray (I Think, im going from memory) and the head Priest listens to all these horns and when his spirit tells him which one is right, everyone will blow that trupmet and at exactly the same time God will blow his trumpet send all his people home (AKA - The Rapture)! So if i dont post another blog after today, then you now know why! Pick up a Holy Bible and read it! Now that you know that little piece of my brain, i can end this blog post.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Free Promotion?

I don't wanna make a blog post that boring, but what is there to blog? I think i will just add some links.

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ok, now ... here's a cool video!!

Ok, Thank you (:


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Graphic Genius!

Amazing Artwork

Hello, I thought i would start by giving you the "wow" factor with my amazing art skills. I made this image with illistraiter in the spare time i had in my Graphic Design class (at school). We have amazing MAC computers so of course this image is amazing. I think its pure Genius and i haven't even scratched the surface of what i can do to an image in this. The text is plain old boring stuff, but the colors are very unique indeed. I really enjoyed making this image and hope that you can enjoy it as well.

Now i hope that you want me to continue on with this post, because i can stop if you want .... No? Good. I wanted to let you all know that as much as i enjoy writing short stories for you, i wont always post one. I have an idea for a story, but i won't tell you (let the suspense (not) kill you) right now, just wait for it to come and then you can LOL all over the place. I want you all to know that i met the Govenor of this fine state today. He was at my school and came to my Econ. and Gov. class. I didn't like how it gave me 2nd lunch, i kinda like my friends more then some politition, but hey, i wont complain. I know that he makes more money then me. About the job hunt, i am trying to get a job (by doing nothing) but it's not working out for me. I wish a job could walk up to  you and say "Hello, are you interested in making over $300 a month?"
"Why yes, i am interested, thanks!"
"When can you start?"
"Great, Be at (Blah-Blah) at 4pm tomorrow and start your shift, Thank you."
"No, Thank YOU!"
Then Zach knew it, he was gonna be rich. The End.
If only life was that easy. This blog wont be as long this time, but that because i don't wanna rant and rave about stuff im not motivated with. But i hope you enjoy the picture i made, i wanted to post it A.S.A.P! Comment plz, thanks, bye, over and out.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Rainbow Road - A Short Story

Far away in a magical kingdom filled with double rainbows and ice cream sundae mountains, there was a penguin. A lone penguin in a kingdom full of magical creatures, This penguins name was Cowand. Cowand was a friendly penguin who loved to have fun. Now when Cowand was a small little munchkin, he loved to sing and dance and explore the world he lived in. Now that Cowand is fully grown (in his opinion), he has ventured off to the top of a mountain, Mount Cupcake, where we are about to join him do a stunt. This stunt is not only dangerous, but a bad idea. Let us join him as we continue this story.

"Oh Boy!" Shouted Cowand. "I am gonna do this and then I'm going to get all the respect i want! People will love me and then name there children after me! It's gonna be great!" So Cowand got his sled (which happens to be a big piece of cardboard stapled to a piece of wood) and set it at the tip of the mountain. He then got his backpack and set it on the sled before he sat down with it. He pulled a paddle out of his backpack and pushed himself off the edge of the sled. All of a sudden he starts shooting down the hill like a bullet going, what seemed, 70 miles an hour in a matter of seconds!

While flying down the hill he starts shouting, "YES! YES! THIS IS  AWESOME!! BRING IT ON!! GIMME MORE!! THAT ALL YOU GOT!??!!!"  After making it 1/5 of the way down the mountain (And this is a big mountain), he saw a blur in the distant future. He reached into his bag and pulled out a pair of binoculars so he could see this mysterious item in the road ahead. He looked into his binoculars and quickly looks away, rubs his eyes, and looks again to confirm what he saw. Through his eyes, he saw a family of porcupines walking across the mountain. He Yelped and grabbed his paddle from the side of the sled and then tried to merge his way east as the family was going west. But to his surprise the speed of his sled would not agree with him and snapped his paddle as he tried to put himself east.

Now without a paddle he started to panic, he reached in his bag, pulled out a megaphone and shouted "Hey you cute family of porcupines, MOVE IT, UH ... PLEASE!!" suddenly the father porcupine looks up and notices Cowand speeding toward him and his family at a lighting fast pace so he charges into action telling his family to move it faster in his porcupine language. As Cowand notices this, he finds relief knowing that they know, but not all is dandy and fine yet in the world of this story, for they porcupine are not out of danger yet, just aware of it. As all but 2 porcupines are clear of this danger, Cowand closes in, no longer needing his binoculars to see them, he then realizes that he might be able to  move the sled if he tilts his body to the east.

As he see's them closing in, he leans into the east as best he can and closes his eyes, to afraid to see the results. He then hears a low gasp and opens his eyes. He see's no more porcupines and looks behind him to see what happened. As he turns around, he see's the family of porcupines have made it another day, safe and sound. He then turns around to go on with his journey down hill. He reaches in his bag and pulls out a pair of goggles and gloves, puts them on and goes onward with his journey down this huge mountain. At this point he is only 2/5 down the really big mountain which, when he's done, will end right at the edge of town. He then rolls onto his stomach and embraces the wind in this face cheering it on as he flies down this hill.

As he finds time to look around, he notices the beautiful tree's all around (that he hasn't run into). greens, blues, and purples all clashing together to make a truly beautiful sight. He then looks lower to see all the ground animals rushing around on the blanket of snow provided for them. As he looks up he see's a tree, a really big tree, right in front of him and he screams. "HOLY MOLY!! LEFT, I CHOOSE LIFE!!!" He veers to his left as fast as he can but comes up inches short. He flips his sled at almost 90 MPH and crashes into the surrounding tree's.

As he gets up, he notices that he is feeling pain all over himself, feeling like he ran into a wall, only it was a tree, really hard. He gets up and, luckily, finds all his items he had on the sled. He walks over to see if his sled is still operational only to find that is is bent all over the back and the cardboard came off 40% of the piece of wood. He see's that it will still work if he is careful, and having no choice, he climbs onto the sled with his stuff and pushes himself back down the hill. when he clears the tree's about 20 minutes later, he grabs his binoculars and see's that his is roughly 3/5 down the mountain at this point. He is around the halfway point and just thinks to himself, No pain, No gain. I need to focus in on this little stunt of mine so that the welcome party at the end can cheer and call me an awesome daredevil willing to try any stunt, no matter how dangerous! I will be so popular when this is all over!

He  kept thinking that over and over while he  raced down the hill. As he got up to higher speeds, he began to notice how quiet the world got when it was just himself, alone, on the mountain. It gave him a strange happiness and he closed his eyes to take it all in. After another 20 minutes, he started to get bored after being on this sled for who knows how long, so he decided to take some photos. He reached into his bag and pulled out a camera. He began to take shots of the surrounding animals and trees, but knowing Cowand, he got bored again, very quickly.

As he reached 4/5 down Mount Cupcake, he quickly grasped the fact that, even though he would be a legend, he would be a legend who got bored on a sled ride down a huge mountain, but not any mountain, Mount Cupcake!! So to ease that painful though, he grabbed his binoculars and looked down the mountain to see how much mountain was left. Too his surprise, he found a short distance between him and the bottom of the mountain. But also, as a shock to Cowand, he finds that only 3 people are at the bottom of the mountain waiting for him. He then notices that its all a hoax. He was just tricked into this by the evil people in his town.

About another 28 minutes and he could hear someone shouting, "HEY!, THERE HE IS!! HE ACTUALLY DID IT!!!" He was shocked that people thought he wouldn't do it. Why don't they trust my word? It's me were talking about. He was shocked. As he finally reached the bottom he shouted, "STOP ME! BEFORE I HIT SOMEONE!" and a few of em' ran toward the center, just asking to be slaughtered. So one of em' put a few bricks in the center of the road and i knew what that meant ... I crashed into those brings and flew face first onto the snow infront of me. I got up and brushed myself off, not feeling any pain from my crash. "What's with all the ... nothing?" asked Cowand.
"You mean, the fact that 3 people came to see you cross the finish line of the challenge presented to you by the evil people of this magical town?" said the first one.
"Yes, that pretty much sums up my question."
"Well, They just tricked you into doing something, because they thought you would just die in your attempt and not be a problem anymore. Sorry."
"No, its ok, i think i see whats going on, they are just evil people."
"Yes, i agree... Because that's what I've just Said."
"So how was it?" Asked a second one
"It was a thrill a minute! I loved it and i got some great pictures!"
"Wow" said the first one
"Now I'm going to go home."
"Wait! That's it? No story?" asked the third one
"Well, I'm tired and i promise to tell you if you come over to my house around 8PM tonight, deal?"
"DEAL!" said all three in unison
"Now I'm going to go rest my back, legs, and generally my whole body!"
"Ok, were gonna go ... to the bowling alley. C'mon guys, lets go." said the second one.
So the day was victorious! The challenge was not only excepted, but completed successfully and Cowand went home with a renewed sense of accomplishment! But Cowand was not ready for what he was to find later on that week ...