Monday, August 16, 2010

My Fancy Mobile Blog Post!

This is a mobile blog post, isnt it fancy? . . Dont answer that. I think you all need to know that this URL will probably stay since its super cool and catchy. I am also thinking that if taco bell wont hire me (doesnt look good), then i am going to have to try else where. I want a job SO BAD! I need to make cash, cash pays for insurance, insurance means i have a car, a car means i can drive to school . . In style! But that all starts with a job. This paper route has gotta go. But who will hire me? Im just a 17 year old punk kid. Maybe its my appearance. Well i cant buy clothes without money, which a job will provide. I honestly have no clue what im doing wrong. . . But i know its something. I guess i have to beg on the side me the road. Lol, wont that look nice? No, im not that desperate. Oh well, i will keep you updated.

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