Sunday, August 29, 2010

School Fight - A 100% False Made-Up Story

Kevin walked down the hall. The hall was dim, but he didn't care, he was on his way to 3rd hour study hall and there was a large crowd of people around doing the same. Kevin enjoyed school, when he was alone, but he never understood why people had to learn things like Art, Design, Building and all that boring stuff. He didn't like study hall, he had always wanted a fun class like Sculpture or Stage craft, but it wouldn't fit his schedule.

He was going down the hall when he spotted his arch-enemy, Micheal Pecker. He quickly took a U-Turn and started walking the other way, but it was too late.
"Hey Butt Brain, Get over here!" Shouted the loud oaf of a man. "I said get over here! Don't make me follow you!"
Kevin was in a panic, this man was the meanest guy in the universe. As far as he was concerned he could fall in a 30 foot hole and Kevin wouldn't care. He got about 100 yards away before Micheal grabbed his shoulder and stopped him. Great, now i have to deal with this dude. thought kevin,  Why didn't i go the long way, now i have it coming.

Micheal studied Kevin for a moment, waiting to see if he would run or say something.
When Kevin did nothing, Micheal make his voice known, "Whats wrong? Don't wanna talk to your pal?"
I took a deep breath, knowing that if i just went with it, it would be painless, mostly. "No, i just have to go to the restroom so i was going that way." I was sweating, i had to be, i was so nervous i thought i would die.
"Well theres just one problem with your story." I waited as he studied me slowly. "I was standing next to the restroom and because you lied to me, you got it coming to you." I was beyond nervous at this point, i wanted to eat some spinach and punch him through the wall, but i knew i couldn't. This isn't a cartoon, i would get pounded and have to live with it, everyday. "Do you want it in the gut or in the face? I prefer the gut since it leaves less evidence, but it's up to  you."

I backed up against the wall before i spoke, Micheal tailing me the whole way. "I would prefer that you and I be friends and not fight like this, because i see it as pointless. And very painful as well"
He laughed a loud, hard laugh before replying to me in a smug tone. "I'm sorry Kevin, but not even your clever jokes are getting you outta this. Now hold sti--" He was interupted by a shove to his shoulder.
"Leave that man alone or i'm gonna have to make you!" It was my best friend, Zeke Dove, the coolest man in the world who was always funny and a great friend. "Step off and pick on someone your own size!" Micheal was shocked, but i knew he wasn't scared. Zeke was a great friend, but nobody scared Micheal, not even the teachers.

"Well, what do we have here? A lone hero here to save the world, one shove at a time." He laughed again, i hated it when he laughed, that meant he was happy.
"Ya, i'm a lone hero and i'm here to warn you. I heard about what you did to my friend last time and i won't stand for it happening again. Your a pig, a filthy, nasty pig and i hope you get what you got coming! Now leave my friend alone or you got trouble." I was so happy that Zeke had seen me in the hallway, i woulda had a big stomach cramp otherwise.
"Ok, that's it, i'm not taking this from some punk kid trying to be mr. hero." He walked over to Zeke at a quick pace before he swung a hard left. Zeke grabbed his  fist and twisted it backwards. He held it as Micheal let out a painful shriek. At this point we had gathered a small audience and they were thrilled to see a fight. Zeke then stomped on his toe and punched him square in the face.

Micheal felt that as he flew in the air onto his back. Zeke walked over to Micheal and stepped on his hand, with full force it seemed. "Now i said to leave my friend alone. If you don't, we might need to have another talk. Do you understand, Micheal?" Micheal just make noises of pain. Zeke looked annoyed, like he wasn't getting the answer he wanted, he put more force on Micheal's hand. "Do you understand?!"
Micheal was now shrieking in pian, "I UNDERSTAND!! PLEASE STOP!! MY HAND!!!" Zeke let Micheal's hand go and Micheal jumped up, staring at his hand.

He then focused on Zeke. "Ok bub, your gonna get it next time." Zeke looked like he was between bored and annoyed as he listened, he then shifted to what looked like anger.
"Ya? Anytime! Just leave my friend Kevin alone and you got no problems, from me at least. Now get outta here!" Micheal took a long, cold look at Zeke before he quickly rushed away from the scene, probably going to the nurse. As Micheal passed me he glared and whispered "Watch your back!" then he dissapeared. I Then focused on Zeke as he walked over to me.
"You ok? that butt wont be messing with you for awhile." said Zeke. I was so relieved, i don't think i had any more problems from him today.
"Ya, thanks buddy. Now i gotta get to class, im late." I rushed away taking my things with me. I was glad i had a good friend to stand up for me, because it gave me a little more confidence. Today may of had a scary moment, but that wasn't the last i would hear from Micheal Pecker ...


  1. Wow, the suspence! I can't wait to here more of this amazing story!

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  3. You have serious skill at writing, i'm impressed! Nice work Zach!

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