Friday, August 27, 2010

Death and the Ride of Passage.

I have some sad news, My grandma died today, She died and now all i have are memories. Even though i have good memories, its still very sad. I loved my grandma so much. I'm not the kind of person that gets emotional or mushy, so when i heard she was dead, i didn't believe it at first, but the look on the face across from me told me otherwise. It then sunk into me like an a anchor falling into the ocean, my grandma had died. What was i going to do with my grannda gone? It's so .... unreal. It doesnt feel normal being without her. I loved her more then i thought i did. I had always known God was real, but never actually gotten any further then that. Knowing that she is with God, the creator of heaven and earth, gives me security in her future. I hope that i can find God myself and really become a true Christian. I have always tried to grow close to God, but never felt anything or heard anything. I know not to listen with my ears, but with my spirit and i dont really know how to do that. I know thats really sad, but i dont think God makes exceptions. I know he's a loving, kind, and compationate God, but i have to actually know God and have a relationship with him to get into heaven, right? Well, I know that my grandma is in heaven, so i know she's going to be happy eternally. This wasn't the blog i expected to be posting, i wanted to post a silly blog about a story i made up with my buddy George today at lunch, and i intended to, but my grandma dying kind of changed that ...  I am sad that my grandma died and left earth, but glad that she entered into the kindom of heaven tonight. I miss you already grandma.

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