Saturday, August 21, 2010

Cost Of Living

Ok, So i was online looking up cool stuff i want online at Best Buy, Wal Mart, Taco Bell (Yes, I love my taco's) and other online stores, but could clearly see i could not afford anything i wanted or needed. Now to make things easier for you, A Want is a desires that you can live without, but (sometimes) choose to put in the front of your list. A Need is a something used for survival, to keep you alive. Now do we need a brand new Wii or Xbox? Will it help us to survive? Maybe you'll be happy for a few hours, but it wont give you clean clothes and it certainly wont feed you (though we all wish otherwise)! Now the way i see it, you need money to buy the Wants and Needs in your  life. As i've mentioned before, you won't get money unless you have a job (or sit on a street corner in dirty clothes with a sign saying you lost your job and have 3 kids and a dog). I still have no job other then my paper route so i only get around $25 or $35 (if im lucky) a month since i have a very small route. Even if everyone on my route got the paper (that would take a miracle), thats 146 people, then i would recieve over $150/Month. Now thats a big difference. But people just don't like reading the newspaper anymore. Bad to what i was saying, Wants are just small items that will keep us entertained for a small period of time like a DS, Candybar, TobyMac CD, ect... Needs are items such as Clothing and Food. Now Food may be gone quickly since it takes longer to buy and prepare then it does to make, bake, create, ect... but it keeps you full, focuced, and most important, alive! Clothing just keeps the general public from staring at your beautiful body (cuz we all thing of ourselves as beautiful ... i hope)! Now that we've cleared that up, i would like to cover the next part of my rant, If you walk down any street in America and ask someone for $5, do you think they would give it to you? Maybe, Maybe not. Some people would show kindness upon your soul and give you $5, Others may think your scamming them and say no. Now i said Give, because if i had said Lend, then you would assume they want $5 back in return. Thats the huge difference between Give and Lend, make sure your friends Give you money and don't Lend your money, thats a good way to start arguments, good ways to have leverage agaist you and a great way to lose a friend. I will always Give my friends money not expecting it back, if they do pay it back willingly, then i will be even happier to Give them money again, I just don't want any reasons for my friends to not like me. Now if you do scam people and take there $5, you may have $150 at the end of the day, but you didn't Earn it. When you Earn somthing in life, it gives you a happy feeling inside, a warm, fuzzy happiness that makes you all gooey (thats why i like being a nice guy, i love that feeling) inside. But when you just Take money from people, its no different then stealing. I do not want to be a thief, i want to Earn what i get., even when life makes stealing look like a much better option. Thats one of the toughest parts of life, how do you know when lifes throwing you a curveball or a blessing? Do you say Yes Please or No Way Jose? That just makes  you think to hard doesnt it? Well thats good, your brain is to soft anyway, Go read a book! As far as i'm concerned, as long as you learned stealing is wrong and Earning your way is best, then i'm glad. If you take that from this blog post and keep it with you, i'm satisfied. Now to close, i want to show you a video i found on youtube, Think about how Cost of Living has changed while you watch it.

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