Saturday, July 10, 2010

Where does the time go?

So there are 10 days left until my birthday and im thinking to myself, "Wow, I'm going to be 17 years old. Where did the time go?". It may seem odd to you, but i wonder that all the time. Where did the time go? i mean, i was here, shouldn't i know? And yet, i can't remember where i was and what i was doing to pass the time. Time just slipped away until your where your at and wonder how you got there. I bet most people spend a third of there life wondering where the time went, im just guessing. I mean, 17 years is alot of time if you think about it. And what is the meaning of a birthday, the day you were born? I mean, sure, you get presents, cake, and a great time, but is that all its about? Some things i want this year you can't buy. I want a job, but only i can get that. I want to lose 70 pounds, but only i can do that. The things you really want cost time and possibly money. If i had a job, i could buy the few games on my list, the things in this world i want. I would buy that Mario Kart game for my DS that i want (which by the way IS better then MySims Racing George). My Birthday list this year contains the top 20 (affordable) things that i want (you know your parents have brainwashed you when you put clothes in your top 20 things). Sure i want more then 20 things right now, but i already know im only getting like 5 or 6 things, why push the envelope? I put things on my list under $40 so that i can get a bit more because i know there not buying me $200 gifts, that's just asking for too much! If i want $200 gifts like the Wii, i can get a job, save up, and buy one with my own money! I may not like my parents all the time, but i can't deny that who i am is part of who they are, so i will be like them no matter how much i try to deny it. My morals and values are probably what they are, because my parents have the same, or close to it (Unless the failed as parents and there child grows up to be a horrible child destined to be in prison the rest of his life). I think that you should never ask friends or family for anything if its over $100, that seem a bit rude if you ask me. I would put my birthday list on this blog post, but i doubt that you internet people are really going to mail me a gift (if you did, i would wonder how you got my address). So whatever my birthday brings, I'm just going to be happy to be 17 years old.

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  1. Isn't the title ,,Where does the time go"? Why were u talking about the money in 80% of the text? Well, i suppose that the old roman saying was right:
    Time is money! Hey! Thats where the time goes! Wasted on Mario cart!