Thursday, July 29, 2010

New Blog Title?

Yes, hello, do you think that should get a new blog title? like ?? i mean, zachloveis22 is cool but i dont want my name out there in the open (cuz i dont want stalkers ...) and im not even 22 years old ... im 17 years old (ya, still young and beautiful, be jealous please)! Anywho, i think that i might change it since i only have 3 followers right now and there probably gonna know it changed since there following me, at least i hope so! i have to tell my good buddy George ... he wont know cuz he has better things to do then waste his life online (i wish i did too)!! Anyway, i think i'm going to change it now, tomorrow, sometime this week, maybe even later in the month. I will think about it. i dont want to post about it then change it right away, what is the point in blogging about it then? Warning: Now entering a Random Rant. also, since i want this to be a interactive blog with LOTS of comments, i wanted to know what everyone thought of my banner. I had to ask my friend (my online buddy) to make the RVR pic and the "Zachary Love ... 21st Century Blogger" thing! He is really cool (Shout out to Caleb!). This blog has gotten kinda off topic, good things my blogs call Random Videos and Rants or you might get confused. Another thing, if you haven't heard the song, You Spin me round (like a record) by Dead or Alive then you need to YouTube it ASAP!! ignore the group name, thats just weird. the song is really, really, truly, sincerely cool. Its honestly kinda ... Groovy. Ya, nobody says that, but i like the 80s so leave me alone (lol) because i dont care what you think unless its good, then i care (and i thank you!). Off topic, i helped my father (father? ... xD) create a Facebook account today and he thinks its the bee's knees! I mean, he was on all day pretty much (off and on emails), he wanted to check out Rod Parsley's Facebook page (He says there friends .... i dont know anyone famous though). I helped him set up the settings, update his page, add friends, favorites, ect .... He still needs to add a photo but he got 10 friends his 1st day on Facebook (He is only adding friends he knows). He thinks that im not very smart adding people i know, which i agree with, but i need neighbors on my Facebook apps. FrontierVille and YoVille (The only apps. i play anymore unless im REALLY bored)!! So i dont talk to them or anything, that would be weird. On another note, i haven't played Super Mario Flash in 2 days *GASP* and i think im going to pass out soon if i dont get on. I started making one, felt sick, saved the level and exited the room. I dont know whats wrong with me. I seem to care more about myself since i have been 17, its very strange. I care about how i look, weigh, feel. its grossing me out. i made myself a goal to lose 75 lbs. and i dont know why. i mean i know why, but ... wait, you get the point. I try to comb my hair in the morning now and make it look good. I usually wake up and not care about anything. I think im maturing faster then i want. Can i stay a kid a little longer please? I only have so long then i have to grow up. Please stop messing with me. Thanks. Mess with that guy next door ... Oh ya! i need to tell you something. The duplex next door was finally rented to someone, so we have neighbors now. Yay?!! *scattered applause* I don't know if im going to like them or not. So its a single mother with 3 kids moving in ... From Las Vegas, Nevada! I hope there not Sinners filled with demons, that would freak me out....Back to the topic. I think that You should let me know what you think of my banner and if you like it/dislike it and why, Don't forget to give me the reasoning. Finally, I am changing my URL (probably after i post this or shortly after) so let me know if you like it and if i haven't changed it yet, what do you think it should be? I am listening to that song over and over and over right now, its so catchy!

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