Wednesday, July 7, 2010

1 day 2 late

I know what your wanting to know and im ready to supply it. You want to know why i haven't posted a new blog in such a while. Well i am going to fix that by posting this blog post that your reading right now! I think that it is only smart to let you know that i am also working on my website and that you should be able to view the updates shortly. I know that i will be posting a new YouTube video on my 2nd channel soon and that you will be able to view that by the end of next week (that's the plan ...)!! Other then that i know im always a day late and a dollar short, so if you could be patient with me then i could work a whole lot better. But nobody even reads this blog but 4 people (that i know of ...) and i know there all patient people. I think that my "fan base" (If you can call it that, lol) will grow to a large community of people (in my dreams) one day! I think that the RBCC said it right when they said, "I believe good things come to those who truly believe good things will come when they think it.", and i think that was the best way to put it. Now if your wanting to know when this blog post is done and over, its done now! But remember, i will post a actual blog soon.

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