Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Stupid China!

Why does China have to be so far away and so not close to me! I don't like China for swallowing my friends whole and never returning them back to me (well ... not returning them FULLY themselves again)!! Life really does get boring when your best pal is gone for awhile! The only good thing about school is that i get to see my best friends alot more often! When its summer, winter and/or spring break, i never get to see my pals! Life throws you a fist full of boredom and before you can get up and complain, its already to late! Why do i even bother trying to complain? it does no good. I just wish China was a little closer. Don't people have internet there? isn't there a way to send a telegram or two? maybe even a coded message would be fine! I just don't like China today. I felt alone. I was alone. All day, by myself. Life gets depressing, actually, when your home to long. Technology speeds the day, slightly, but won't make your life the way you want it, just alter it in certain ways (which aren't always so good). China, why are you so far away from me? Don't you have a law where fun is prohibited? Aren't you strict? My rhetorical questions never make it viewer answerable. China should evolve into Pangea again! That way life could go by a little easier. I wouldn't be so lonely all the time, i wouldn't have a reason to be depressed. Maybe i should get a job where i'm not home alot, that way i wont be a home thinking about being depressed as i become depressed. When your depressed, your alone. Nobody likes being alone. At least, not for a long period of time! It messes with you! China, Stupid China! I bet your in your hotel room dancing to some weird game show right now. I wonder what time it is there. Not like it really ever matters anyway. It's not the same there as it is here. Money helps, when your in China. When you buy food in China, i hear it's either gross or amazing. I hope its not gross. When i go to China, i wont be alone. I will bring all my pals and the people who mean the most to me! If i forget someone, i will go back and get them. That's how much my pals mean to me! I will never go to china though. I hate boats that go FAR in the ocean and planes that go in the air. I'm stuck where i am. I don't complain, my bucket list has nothing international in it, so im safe. I hope, if i get married, my wife has nothing international, because i don't want to upset her. If i do, i hope it doesn't make her hate me, i just hope she respect my wishes. She can go alone with some of her friends though! This Post is getting lengthy. Hope that if your reading this, you can excuse some grammatical errors in this post and know that if you need me, you know i wont be in a boat, plane or any moving vehicle. I will be in my city, not bored, but taking life easy and enjoying the life God gave me while i'm here.

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