Friday, June 25, 2010

My computer is defective!

Hello and welcome to a weird day in my history. My computer is defective! Its got some weirdness going on with it that i dont understand. When i go to a website (anyone), my computer will (randomly, not all the time) change the webpage by itself and take me to a survey website OR a advertisement!! Its really annoying when your loading a YouTube video and then the webpage changes... It can get kind of annoying. I ran a malware bytes scan on my computer and it said it was fun. My McAfee Virus Protection has expired and my dad is waiting to get a new Virus Protection, he doesnt like McAfee anymore. Right when i get a virus, my dad wont renew the virus protection. Go Figure. Oh Well, i guess i have to stick it out until he gets the new virus protection software. Thats fine. I will live (for now).

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