Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Amazing life you have, friend?

Isn't life amazing? You live your life a lone bachelor in the wild, not worrying about anything but your job and your grandma's amazing secret recipe chocolate cake. Life is amazing is it not? Well doesn't your life suck when some hot woman starts talking to you and makes you like them. Then you get into a serious relationship and start to wonder how it happened. How, one year earlier, you were a lone bachelor only having money for yourself. Now you spend all your money on this person who invaded your life, stole your American dream and now sleeps in your guest bedroom! What has life come too?!! Well i am here to tell you that it's ok. The RBCC crew are out there, there waiting for you to call! They have all the answers! Remember to call them when your worried about life's problems, when your date doesn't like you and you actually care, or when your light bulb burns out and you have no extras! There always gonna be there, there watching. No, There not stalkers, but there watching. They can always see what your doing and when your doing it. So be afraid not my dear friends. life is to be enjoyed! If problems do happen, just be glad the RBCC are here to help. Life, my friends, Life. Enjoy Life. Use your limitations, listen to yourself. You know the truth.

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  1. the pic is like yoville in fb but the different is they are warrior....