Sunday, May 30, 2010

RBCC is here!

The RBCC are coming. They're coming quickly and i dont think you should mess with those punks! They are BUFF! They can make you cry. JUST GOOGLE IT! there right there, 3rd LINK (there fancy)!! I think that we should write a historic poem as a peace offering so they dont kill us in the horrific war coming fast in 2012! WERE GOING TO DIE!!! We need to be on THEIR side and not fend for ourselves ya googles!! Life is a privilege and we need to PREVAIL!! dont DIE on the SIDELINES!!! So please, Call the RBCC TODAY (Before its to late and you die in vain of the mission)!!!!!!


They can help you, they are the good guys! They are the only thing here that is Good, They are the light at the end of your tunnel! They want to keep you alive, so call them when you need them! Write them that poem and be on there side!! Remember, They are BUFF!! there gonna keep you alive!

Thank You.

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