Sunday, May 16, 2010

I am not as powerful as ''The Man''!!

As much as you (and I) may not want to believe it, i cant do everything i want, at anytime i want, whenever i want with the snap of a finger or blink of an eye!! So if you think that i can keep blog posts uh-coming for each new shed of daylight in the sky, your sadly mistaken. I can keep blogs posts up by every couple of days or each week, but only if i have a topic to blog about!! I can try to be funny, like i am, but im funnier in person....And my blog posts are just topics of information layered with a chocolate frosting (or vanilla if your allergic)! I love posting blogs and i will continue to post more, but you gotta know that i'm only a stupid humanoid homosapien. So please, if you want the "whats what" of my life, blogs, ect... Take the time to visit My Website i just recently opened under a new URL. It will give you the "whats what" of everything! Also, check me out of Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Plurk! I love updating my life and i hope you enjoy reading it!

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