Sunday, February 28, 2010

Road Trip to St. Versalouis

Well i got back in the evening of Febuary 27th, 2010. It wasn't dark yet, for i saw the sun still dancing a tune in the sky. It was still in the evening. We had to hurry for if the car was late to Budget ... We would get a late fee fine *crack of lighting, roar of thunder*, we hurried out of the car and popped open the trunk with the speed of an old man. I rushed to the trunk with the speed of a sea lion and started grabbing thinks and shoving them under my arms (thinking about it now, maybe i should have done that, i was pretty sweaty and .... oh, nevermind. Whats done is done). I ran to the door and went to throw the door open when sudenly *deep shrill of a scream*, The door....was locked. I shufled through my pants and finally found my keys. I pressed my key through the lock and turned to unlock the door, *click*, the door unlocked. I press door open and rush through the door to find my cat starring me in the face. I throw the crud on the floor and tackle my cat, hes made a break for the door. I carrying him to the bathroom and close the door, poor animal cant open doors. I rush to the car to grab more bags, the pressure rises and i almost cracked. I grabbed some more bagged and booked it for the door, it was a race against time. I shuffle through the door and see my parents drop bags in the same occuring location. one bag left and we all spot it. my mom dashes for the door, my my dad trips her and dashes to the front of the path. i saw him and locked, dead on. I started to run. that bag was mine and if i had to i would smite that man with fire and brimstone. I was almost there i was within reaching distance. I reach out and pull his arm to slow his speed. it works. he howls a grimacing howl and kicks at my feet. I stumbled and almost tripped. as i stumbled, i reach out and punch him in the knee. He shouts a wall cracking shout and falls to the ground, realising hes been defeated. I grabbed the bag and was in the house faster then when i left. my mom was in a chair crying for the horrible loss she has suffered. she has not prevailed.I place the bag with the others and then realize the look of absolute revenge as i entered the house. she gets up and runs past me, she stops to talk to my dad. minutes later, the give the most horrifingly evil glare i have ever seen. it may as well been the devil staring me square in the eye. they then dash for the car doors and drive off to god knows where. I stare in absolute horror as they drive off. i then realize we were in a rental car and they were probably going to return it. i close the door and released my cat from behind the door. My trip to St. Versalouis was successful and all was well. Maybe next time we can let my sister unpack the bags ....

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