Thursday, February 4, 2010

This is your blogger speaking ...

I don't know about you, but i noticed a new header when i checked out my website last ... Maybe its just me, maybe not! 

(realizes his stupidity in that sentence)

Uh, I mean, Of course theres a new header! I CREATED IT MYSELF!! Yes, im the comic genius who has created the work of beautiful art above this post. Don't be jealous, i made this simple piece of art on a simple program called 'paint' *GASP* !!! 

Yes, i know right. How did i do THAT on paint, the simple program that allows you to do little with pictures? Well its simple, just copy and paste some pictures on your correctly sized piece of white background i used alot of screen shots and then added those to my blog. the drawn man is a picture created my by best bud George who was drawing a picture of my friend Kyle (Yes, THAT kyle ...) and his girlfriend (Even nerds get a girlfriend) who's name is not allowed to be released to the press just yet, thats up to my friend Kyle (Yes, get over it, it is honestly THAT kyle!). 
I hope you can enjoy the beauty of life's, uh, stuff? i don't even know.

Ima go back to facebook and play more apps! 

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  1. well, i like the foundation of your good friend
    helping each other for making some format,,hmm..i wonder who