Tuesday, February 9, 2010

PayNight! ... Valentines Day! ... Broke! ... Ugh, My Head! ...

Ok all you fellow happy people, this is the blog that makes you smile, cry, and feel other random emotions! I am broke (almost), but yes, i got paid just last night! *GASP* How am i broke then?!! 

What are you asking, did you not read the title of this blog?!!
DONT LOOK YOU FOOL!!!! (rolls eyes)

Oh well, what can i do? Yes, Valentines Day is this Upcoming Sunday! I have, Yes, Bought my girlfriend a gift and other romance-wonderful-awesome-(to the extreme) stuff and, Yes, I have got Money left over to buy other stuff OR SAVE :D (I didnt save it)!!! Now, i went off and bought a camcorder from WalMart that was $45 last night and it was a HUGE waste of money!!! I wish i never bought it! They didnt sell the one i wanted anymore and that was there and i really was expecting to buy it that night, so .... Ya, dumb choice on my part! Oh well, what can i do? Oh Ya, RETURN IT!!! I have the receipt (I Think) and i am going to return it so i can spend that money on the camcorder i want, even if i have to wait!

but not to worry!! I have found the camcorder i want and i can buy it at Sears! I have to ship it in to the Sears near us and thats $6 shipping (price is high...) so i will be able to buy it for $36 and that saves me $9 !!! I am going to talk to my mom tonight to see when i can return it and if i can get the camcorder i want at Sears. It all depends (Always does) ... We Shall See...

And im not blogging about Valentines day today, check back on Monday!!

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