Thursday, January 28, 2010



I uh, have no game plan, so... I think i should let you know that this can go anywhere at anytime...whenever, so just be forewarned!

I uh, have had a, uh, pretty good day, uh .... Its ok as far as regular days, uh, go. Ya, uh, so i just thought i would post about stuff since theres been no, uh, posts recently, uh, except for those thingy's! Ya, uh, is a cool site where you can ask people questions and they can ask you questions too! I think you would, uh, really enjoy the site :)

It's plain cool.

Oh ya, i, uh, just remembered that i am taking this really cool, Intro to Web, class and it's plain amazing!!! It's spicy, It's sassy, It's sexy, It's...PLAIN AWESOME!! :D

Ya we took a test today (2-day test) and it was pretty tough, but thanks to peripheral vision it was kinda easier :D

I still think that i am gonna be a skilled man in this class one day!

oh wait! you dont even know what the heck im talking about ... or do you? lol, Intro to Web is a class all about learning the beginnings of Web Design and HTML!! It's awesome, i already know some cool codes!! OK OK, I'll share a few codes with you :)

 <>= paragraph 

When you start a paragraph, You are just doing basic talk, all my block is in paragraph form, unless i change it :) which i can now do knowing HTML basics. But remember that you need to close each paragraph correctly, so close with a < /p > or you wont be using correct form and you'll mess things up. for some reason it thinks im using that code for real and i have to add spaces in the <> things or it will mess up my post XD lol

<> and < /h1 > = Heading 1

Heading 1 is the biggest font from h1 though h6 being the smallest. You can test it if you want, but i wont get to in depth :)

<> = image

this is how you add a image, but you need to add more to it to make it official: < src="url(picturename.jpg)"> !! ITS REALLY COOL :D i will post some cool webpage screenshots sometime.

I wont tell you anymore codes, so you have to Google anymore you want. This is making my blog post huge and i intended it to be small XD 
EXPECT ... (Theme Music) ... THE UNEXPECTED!!! :D (movie quote - forgot movie)

Anyway, be chillin' and i'll type to ya'll l8tr, soon, and whenever!!

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