Thursday, January 28, 2010



I uh, have no game plan, so... I think i should let you know that this can go anywhere at anytime...whenever, so just be forewarned!

I uh, have had a, uh, pretty good day, uh .... Its ok as far as regular days, uh, go. Ya, uh, so i just thought i would post about stuff since theres been no, uh, posts recently, uh, except for those thingy's! Ya, uh, is a cool site where you can ask people questions and they can ask you questions too! I think you would, uh, really enjoy the site :)

It's plain cool.

Oh ya, i, uh, just remembered that i am taking this really cool, Intro to Web, class and it's plain amazing!!! It's spicy, It's sassy, It's sexy, It's...PLAIN AWESOME!! :D

Ya we took a test today (2-day test) and it was pretty tough, but thanks to peripheral vision it was kinda easier :D

I still think that i am gonna be a skilled man in this class one day!

oh wait! you dont even know what the heck im talking about ... or do you? lol, Intro to Web is a class all about learning the beginnings of Web Design and HTML!! It's awesome, i already know some cool codes!! OK OK, I'll share a few codes with you :)

 <>= paragraph 

When you start a paragraph, You are just doing basic talk, all my block is in paragraph form, unless i change it :) which i can now do knowing HTML basics. But remember that you need to close each paragraph correctly, so close with a < /p > or you wont be using correct form and you'll mess things up. for some reason it thinks im using that code for real and i have to add spaces in the <> things or it will mess up my post XD lol

<> and < /h1 > = Heading 1

Heading 1 is the biggest font from h1 though h6 being the smallest. You can test it if you want, but i wont get to in depth :)

<> = image

this is how you add a image, but you need to add more to it to make it official: < src="url(picturename.jpg)"> !! ITS REALLY COOL :D i will post some cool webpage screenshots sometime.

I wont tell you anymore codes, so you have to Google anymore you want. This is making my blog post huge and i intended it to be small XD 
EXPECT ... (Theme Music) ... THE UNEXPECTED!!! :D (movie quote - forgot movie)

Anyway, be chillin' and i'll type to ya'll l8tr, soon, and whenever!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Bloons Tower Defense 4 Pics

Monday, January 11, 2010

Guess what i found?

George, i finally found you and your live, real, and for now only, $29.99


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hello 2010, Goodbye 2009

I thought i would post today an ode to 2009!!

My Ode (A Poem)
By: Me, Zachary :)

Kiss my butt,
Gimme a hug!,
You really sucked,
Please make my life better,
Why did you hate me?,
to the good times ahead

An Ode to 2009!

Now that thats over with, we can get to the important matters, lets talk about what matters to all my fellow fans/viewers/buddies/friends/movie goers and that is that fact that im amazing and i shall now stop my blog cold in its tracks



No, but this blog post is over until the next time we meet :D

l8tr g8tr
adios amigos
hasta luego!