Friday, December 31, 2010

Wrapping up

This blog will be a bit less traditional since i will be listing a few things with bullets, ect...

I wanted to let you know how my year (2010) went first. I will do that by posting small phrases, words, ect... in bullets. If you don't understand, i appologize.

  • Tennis
  • DS
  • Wii
  • Mario
  • Smash Bros.
  • Birthday
  • Valentines day
  • Gift cards
  • Poor Kyle. The Violence. (didn't happen)
  • Friends house
  • Fudge (Da Dog)
  • Homecoming
  • Zits
  • Tissues
  • Toy Story 3
  • Narnia
  • Febreze
  • Cooking eggs (never blogged about it  but i made eggs  by myself for the first time)
  • Popcorn
  • Trilogy
  • Penguins
  • Peng
  • Epic Duel
  • Money
  • Quit Job
  • The end
Ok i hope that explains how my year went.

Now i will bullet the list of why 2011 will be better and perhaps it will be explained through future blog posts.

  • Wii
  • Smash Bros.
  • Tennis
  • Chess
  • YouTube Status
  • Twitter
  • Eggs
  • Movies
  • Chocolate cereal
  • Parties (being plural, ohhh yaa)
  • SD Card(s)
  • Dr. Pepper
I hope you are clear now on what 2011 details. Lets try to enjoy 2011 together, through the reading of my blog! I hope that everyone can certainly try to understand why i put what i put for these things. But since this is my last blog post of 2011, i want to do what i did last year, kind of as a tradition. I will write a farewell poem (totally improv) just for you, The very beautiful viewer (Ohh yaa).

End of 2010 poem (Improv)

Farewell 2010
I will cherrish the times
with my electronic pen
flipping dimes
living in a pig pen
I can hear the chimes
of the glorious epic win
Though i did little crimes
i will miss you 2010

I would talk about embrassing the new and preparing for the future. I might talk about how, since i turn 18 this year, 2011 will be incredible. But i won't. 2010 was good, lets pass go, collect our $200 and keep skipping. Thanks for reading my blog and supporting me with each blog post. Lets keep it real in 2011.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

It's close to the end.

I'm going to post an 'End of the Year' blog probably on the last day of December (Since that totally fits) and tell you about how my year (2010) went and how 2011 will be better. I will also let everyone know about how the weight loss blog i'll be starting in January will be set up. If it's any help at all, i am going to update that regularly so its worth following.

I think its only fair to let you in on a few secrets of mine (if thats what you call them) so i'll let you know something only my 3 friends know (not including myself). I am working on ... a YouTube video script! Hold your applause since i haven't told you squat yet. I think you need to know that i just started working on it yesterday. I have about 950 words on the rough draft (script) so far. It will be an actual video so i will be acting in it. You can bet your bottom dollar i will be posting on my blog, but it would be easier if you would just go to YouTube to view it, since you can leave me comments (since you obviously don't like leaving comments on my blog).

Other then that, i think i've been updating my blog too much this month just because i'm anxious about January arriving. I'm not sure if its pre-2011 worries or just me. Perhaps it the fact that i'll start semester 2 of school in January ... i don't really know, haha. Though i have 3 days until school starts again. That makes me nervous but i hope semester 2 will be better then semester 1 was ...

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Solar Fusion!

I wanna start this post by telling you that Sunkist: Solar Fusion is an amazing drink and even though i was skeptical, im glad i took the risk cuz its amazing! Next on the Agenda is my wednesday plans! I am going to my friends house which will be an incredible experience cuz were gonna play some video games, make a YouTube video, perhaps go for a 10 mile hike, and eat a nice large pretzel shipped in from Omaha!

No, Im being slightly insane again, were not gonna have an incredible experience, were gonna play video games, perhaps, i'm not hiking even a mile, and why would i mooch off peoples food? Thats just rood! I was raised better then that! But i am making that YouTube video, if i can!

I hope to not only post vlogs but also post a few vids with my friends as well. It's either a vlog or a Epic Duel video (or mario flash level), i want a little variety. Though i don't mind, it is my channel afterall, my face should be in the vids, haha.

Speaking of YouTube, i think it's kinda obvious, i was thinking this myself anyway, but i am going to make a weight loss blog! The YouTube channel will just complicate things. Though i will make the vids i post on my blog through YouTube. I dont like the whole Blogger video upload, YouTube videos are easier to embed to blog posts.

But other then that, i know i have to change my eating habbits and start using that jump rope. Plus, i wont intentionally try to cut off on habbits so my blog will be interesting! So i will link you when i get a URL (in, like, 10 minutes). If you see a link here then i already got the blog created; if not, you gotta come back to see.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Thank You GameStop!

Thanks to an amazing sale they were having a GameStop i was able to buy the game i've been wanting so badly, Super Smash Bros. Brawl! The sale was Buy 2 Pre-Owned games, get 1 free (of equal or lesser value). So you can only imagine the exitement i felt when i got an email from GameStop saying there was a sale going on. I was too happy! I mean, this was perfect timing!! I had 30 bucks, i had money, i had the green, the frog skins, haha, i got cash money! Not to mention, i had to talk to my sister ASAP so she could find a game she wanted (She ended up picking one out and buying another one).

So the fact that i could finally get the one game i wanted gave me an over-welming feeling of joy and happiness all mixed in with some hysteria over the deal. I mean, this doesn't happen, right? You don't just get something you want less then a week after you get xmas money; it doesn't happen ... ever! So i was just super happy.

My next blog post will probably be about the weight loss results. If you haven't voted on the poll, please vote now! Do not delay in the voting proccess, this will be epic!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Your so close, yet so far away!

Now doesn't this just look lovely? A great video that would convince anyone that Super Smash Bros. Brawl  is an epic game that deserves to be in every house containing a Wii. But instead i got a sister who thinks the game is totally stupid and not worth the time of even reading the description. Wait, i think im getting ahead of myself. Let me explain it to you from an earlier point of view.

So for christmas you know what i got, right? Yes, its the blog before this one, haha, and my brother (2nd oldest) told me today that he was gonna buy us a game but didn't know what to get us. He decides that cash is the best gift since we will be able to pick our own game that way. Personally, the first thing i thought of was Super Smash Bros. because of how incredibley awesome it is, ive played it at friends houses. But my sister had other ideas.

She doesn't know what she wants for the Wii since she has never really thought about what games there are. I have looked into it and found a lot of great games, none of which she likes. I know that she will love Super Smash Bros. because its for everyone, its just a combat action game with lots of brawling, hince the name. She doesn't doesn't think it's good because i like it! I think that totally steals the fun out of it. If she would just open her mind and think that, maybe, we could both like something and it not ruin the world, she might actually like the game ... maybe love it!

Now i know that there are certain people in the world that don't like action games and the whole brawl or fighting based games but my sister was totally awesome at NBA Street Vol. 2 on the PlayStation 2 and we loved playing that together! So why wouldn't she like this? ... Maybe i just want the game so badly and i'm so close to actually getting it, that im tricking my mind into thinking she will like it.

We looked at games for the Wii and the only games she even looked at were sports games, They make way to many sports games and i'm really starting to get sick of all the sports games!! I like games with a story line or great multiplayer action! If your gonna buy a sports game, don't fall for the '10 games in 1' trick all those fancy game covers give you, buy a game that will make that sport super fun and go for it! But you can only play so many sports games before you get bored. When you play an action or multiplayer game, you can play that for hours before you get bored because nothing is positive, there could be a suprise around the next corner! I think i'm reading into this to much but i don't really care. I want this game so bad, i just don't know how to convince her that she'll like it if she was more open-minded.

On a topic change, I have decided that i will decide what i will do with a poll i put on the left of my blog! Please take a second and vote for either a blog or youtube channel. That will make the decision final.

Friday, December 24, 2010

December 23rd, 2010

Ok so your wondering why i posted the title as December 23rd, right? Don't lie to me, you were curious. Well i will answer that for you in a simple little sentence. That was my christmas (Dec. 25th) for 2010! Your wondering why i'm not having chistmas on Dec. 25th and i will let you in on a little secret. A lot of my family is working on Christmas day. My mom gets a lovely christmas bonus for working on xmas and some of my brothers are working as well. Hey, not every place is closed on christmas.

You can call this my official 'Christmas Post' for 2010 since i'm gonna give you the scoop on what i got for christmas. instead of telling you what i got, i figure i will just post some pictures and let the captions tell you the rest. I mean, it seems pretty logical to me. Now keep in mind that my parents were streching the dollar and hoping it wont stop, so i'm sorry that there won't be many pictures. haha.

Kirby game i got from my (super awesome) aunt!
I specifically asked for a jump rope, so i could start my exercise blog/videos (maybe blog, maybe vids) with some good equipment. My mom suprised me with a great Gold's Gym jump rope (Those are NICE!).
Hallelujah, I can finally shave!

I didn't exactly ask for Fleece Throws but i'll take it, they look warm!

 I hope that your fully satisfied with my Christmas List even though it's probably not what you would want on yours. I know that Christmas is all about the love and all the people you have in your life so that's why i'm glad i didn't zone-in on only wanting gifts this year. I really enjoy the company more this year, I guess it has something to do with the fact that i'm growing older.

The older you get, the wiser you should get, right? Well i think that is truly correct. The older i get, the less presents really seem important to me. I still have things i want, everyone does, no matter how old anyone gets, you, joe, bob, and myself are always going to want something. So it's not that i don't want squat, it's that i can finally see the true importance of christmas and i like it.

When you think about the holidays, you usually think about Thanksgiving or Christmas, unless your a weirdo and think your birthday is a holiday ... Its not. But that usually makes you think of something else. Money, Expenses, Cold Hard Cash. Yaaaa, your gonna be broke next week, sorry. No, but it's all worth it in the end, 9 outta 10 times.

Love is the greatest part of the holidays (expecially Christmas). You don't have to agree with me, but it's great when you got all your relatives in one room and your all talking and laughing and having a good time. Sharing stories from the past that you've heard 12 times already, but you still love it. That's the best part of christmas, times like that can beat any christmas gift, no matter how expensive or fancy it is! I am 17 years old which means i'm starting to be seen as an adult by all my relatives. When i talk, they listen to me and i actually feel like an adult.

I know i got a few years still until i'm a 'official adult' but feeling like an adult and being treated like one gives me an incredible feeling inside. I love all my family and know they feel the same way about me. That's why Christmas is so incredibly cool.

To close this blog i want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! I hope your holidays are awesome and filled with all the love and happiness i felt and had at mine!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Too much stress for one person!

Ok so i am just kinda crazy confused. Why is the entire world so bad at funding? I mean, why is there a lower class? I think we should either be middle class or upper class. No in between, just ... Enough. I think people in the lower class have it horribly, trust me, i know! you know that aphorism Ben Franklin said, 'At the working man's house hunger looks in, but dares not enter', well my parents work very hard, trust me, so how come we dont have enough money for anything more then bills? We are always broke and i really hate that. I know i should be thankful for what i have, trust me, i am, but i just wish we had enough for some fun stuff. We have to depend on my moms tips for anything close to that. Which brings us to Christmas.

Christmas is all about being thankful for what and who you have. I love my parents, sister, friends, ect... There all awesome! I just know that its not enough this year. I have always been thankful, trust me, we've known financial struggle for awhile now. I just wish i could show them that i'm really thankful. Words, to me, don't mean squat without some action behind them. Lately, i can only speak for myself, i haven't shown that i am thankful recently. I haven't technically had a reason too, i've hated my life the last few months.

I don't wanna come across as unthankful, i am. I get to use the computer, tv, cell phone, and bed my parents bought but all that aside, i just really don't like where i am and it's starting to affect me lately. Sure, i can goof with my friends cuz i dont have to think about any of the crap. I like my friends, there awesome! I just wish, sometimes, i could have there lives. Yeesh, i'd be happy with that strange dude in my Algebra class's life! I know because his clothes are not cheap, i know, there name brand.

If you want me to just say that i will get over it and move on, i wont. I can't, at least, not yet. I just want to know that this financial situation will get better. I know God deals the cards and i don't blame him for anything, he doesn't cause any of this to happen, our choices in life do, but i just wish he would of slammed the door shut on some of my parents choices. I don't know how they got to where we are, but it all happened with there choices. I don't blame them either, i just hope that there future choices bring more ease to our troubles. I want my mom to come home and not be stressed. I want her to come home and see that, at least, i care about her.

I can speak for others, but i think my parents are stressed because, not only the finances, but because there failing, in there definitions, as parents. Sure, were a christian family but im questioning a lot of stuff now. I am so confused about everything. All i know is that God created the world and heaven and hell both exist. I'm on the fence and im scared to choose sides right now. Also, my parents probably have there own issues there dealing with , i dont know, im not a therapist, haha.

But this is just too much stress for one person. I think my mom has it the worst, trying to pay bills, keep my sister and myself happy, if she can, and making sure the house looks nice. I really wanna take a load of stress off of her but i don't know how i can help without getting her expectations up and, if i fail to help, make her even more stressed then before. Everyone gets there hopes up and then gets upset later when something doesnt happen. It really just ... sucks, actually.

People should just do what they can and not worry about the rest. If all you can do one day is work, then fine. If you can do a little dusting one day, fine with me. I dont think you should try to tackle all the problems at once, that's doomed to fail! I don't know, maybe i ponder things a bit too much. I just want a little happiness for, both, myself and my parents.

That's why i have been trying like really hard to get a job, i can, not only have some cash for myself, but i can help my parents out. Sure, they won't want my money, but i'm in the same boat, right? So i just want to help out, do my part, if you will. It doesn't look good for me though. We got a new store opening up and they got like 5 openings, but there not talking to me, even after i had a friend who works there talk to the manager and put in a good word about me.

I don't wanna be a lazy bum who sits at home over christmas break and gets on facebook. I only watch a few TV shows, not enough, thankfully, tv isn't that good anymore. Only Grey's Anatomy and Tower Prep are the only things i really care about watching. So that isn't a problem, Tuesdays and Thursdays 8pm (how convenient?). I can watch those anytime too cuz i record em' with DVR.

I could always become famous on YouTube like all those cool super stars who are famous and rich now because of it. Wait, one problem, i don't like cussing (i only cuss when i'm really mad or around my friends and it's an appropriate use of the word(s)). Well shucks, you've seen my vlogs, right? Am i good enough? I don't really know, i'm skeptical.

On a side note, i thought about starting either a weight loss blog or YouTube channel. I want to lose about 50+ pounds and i thought i would post a new video every week to show my progress. Is that a good idea? I'm gonna be making a video about it on my YouTube channel if you wanna check that out. I put a jump rope on my Christmas list. Haha, that might help me out.

So ya, let me now what you think about that. My next post should an Christmas Blog with what i got, don't worry, i don't expect viewers to buy me squat, all i want is a few more followers. If you can, maybe as an xmas favor, tell some of your friends to check out my blog and become a follower. I really want 2011 to be the year my followers start seriously growing. I thought 2010 would be that year but i was, obviously, wrong. Haha, no biggie, i think i will just hope for the best in 2011.

Happy Birthday Hannah!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Lets talk about educational books

So far in my Zombie Science Fiction book, i have been putting a lot of detail into the characters and developing them while the plot kinda simmers on the pot for awhile. I got a complex gang of characters too. Over 10 characters in the book and each one i have carefully tried to give a unique personality. If i fail at that, please let me know, i dont wanna look dumb come time to publish. I think that the best part about my story is that i'm giving it chapters.

I'm starting with the Prologue, obviously, and i am currently on Chapter 5 (Page 30ish in the book). If you wanna sneak previous, well i'm terribly sorry (no im not) but you gotta wait until another post at another time. I thik that if you are patient enough, something good will come and you will jump for joy. I must warn you though, this blog title is DECIEVING! My book has questionalable language and some adult content coming up in further chapters.

I hope you don't frown upon me because of what is in my book, i am an individual and choose my own path in life, wherever it takes me. I think that this book is a fun hobby and it's not going affect my life anymore then anything else except when i'm talking about it. But if you wanna sneak peak now, i wont give you one but i will give you a nice little character sneak peak.

So starting on Chapter 1 (Skiping the prologue), you see the main character, Robert (Last name never said), on the bus with his friends Kevin and Gregorie. They are going to school to have a fun educational day (not really). But when they get to school you meet some more characters. Bob shows up and he's a friend of all three (Rob, Kevin, and Gregorie) and talks to them. Next, Olivia comes into play, the crush of my life who i'm to afraid to talk to!

So Gregorie does something i wont tell you and it freaks me out and then Kevin gives me a pep talk that cheers me up. I then give you a bio on Kevin (brief) and then we move onto the next topic, Bob. I give you some perverted details about Bob (which i think are more hillarious then perverted) and that leads us close to Chapter 2, I think (Im going from memory). Once i get to class, i skip to the more important plot line which takes place in Econ. and Gov. My teacher is upset that im not focusing in class and my grade isn't at its best. So she wants me to stay after school but i ask if we can discuss things after lunch (I have lunch after that class).

We move to the lunch room scene (Oh boy) and at my lunch shift are Bob, Kevin, and Gregorie (of course). We talk about random crap until i see Olivia, who obviously has my lunch shift. Kevin starts ranting about how fat people are nasty and you want a skinny woman, even if she's dumb. He talks about how fat people are not attractive and won't be until they lose all that weight. I obviously disagree (cuz im not a shallow *ahem* doofus) because i find Olivia to be the sexiest woman alive so im still to afraid to talk to her.

When lunch is over, we move to the scene where (the real action starts) Steve is introduced.

ERROR!! .... ENDING EDIT MODE *Beep Beep Boop Bop Beeeeeeeeeeep*

Sorry folks, there must of been an error. I will get right on that ASAP. But i hope you liked what you read so far. I will keep you updated. Thanks.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The finals battle of horrble test finals (parts 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5)

Part 1

I was walking to class and i noticed finals were coming up so i thought about studying

Part 2

I was thinking about how close finals were and thought about studying

Part 3

I thought about finals and asked my friend to help me on the Study Guide

Part 4

I did half the study guide and im confused

Part 5


Sunday, December 12, 2010

Finally found that cord ...

OK, so i feel really stupid because i was looking for the cord for my camcorder so i can upload that video i was going to make of the really cool bits&pieces of the night my friends *Kevin* and *Gregorie* stayed over (Names changed for there protection) and i couldn't find them, so i finally gave up and was sitting in front of my computer when i saw a plastic Price Chopper sack behind the laptop.
I decided to take a peek inside and, to my suprise, was the bag of cords i was looking for! I was so suprised because i didnt remember putting them there but i knew i put them in the kitchen, it didn't matter ... doesn't matter to me, i quickly found the cord and uploaded the videos and i was thrilled.

Now, do to lack of cash, i had to create the video with Windows Movie Maker and we all know thats the default computer movie maker. So the video makes the quality look kinda bad but i got to make the video and thats all i cared about. I promised *Kevin* and *Gregorie* that i wouldn't post our scrabble game so i only have the video of us talking and the brawling in the living room at 3 AM.

So without further to do, here is the video you've all been waiting for (I hope).

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Ask me anything

Gotta find that cord ...

ok so i am going to have to spend today looking for some elecronics cords. i need to find the cord that connects to my camcorder and then connects to my computer so i can upload some vids i've recorded. My friends and I made some vids the other day and i want to edit some parts out of the video to make a funny video with just snippets of the original vids. It made more sense in my mind.

Anyway, i think thats its only fair to ask the permission from the people in the vid. They need to know there gonna be in an epic video. I think i'll ask after i made the video, perhaps while im uploading it? Haha, i'm just kidding. I just wont tell them until i see them at school. But first i have to find the cord cuz i can't even make the video until i find the cord to put them on the computer.

I think i'll just make a short blog and post again after i get the video uploaded, i will let you see the finished product when i fnish it ... If i find the cord. Wish me luck in finding it ...

Monday, November 29, 2010

Plain White T's / A's Anatomy

I was on YouTube watching a bunch of Muppet show videos, gotta love those muppets, and i ran across the Sesame Street videos. I popped on a few and thought they were pretty legit, only a few stuck out to me as incredible awesome so i thought i would post them on my most incredible blog!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Orson Scott Card

Ok, so im not much for reading but it turns out, when im at school, i really enjoy reading a good book. When i'm at home, theres not a  chance that i'll read a book. So when i picked up Orson Scott Card's book, Keeper of Dreams, i thought it was just a regular old book, Sci-Fi, of course, but just a regular book. So it was quite a suprise when i found out how good a book this was!

This book is basically just a collaboration of his short stories (not all of them, but a lot). I really liked reading some of his stories and a few others i skipped. So when i read my first short story in this book, it was called, The Elephants of Poznan, and boy was it wierd! You want a good Sci-Fi read, then pick this up. Basically, this woman gives birth to a half elephant-human. Now if that's not wierd enough, it can understand what elephants say and can speak with them. It was just wierd.

But luckily you dont have to read that if you don't want because the more i read this book, the better the stories got and the more i liked em'. Some of my favorite stories from this book would have to be, Atlantis, Space Boy, Dust, Homeless in HellIn the Dragon's House, and Waterbaby. Now i don't have links to all of those stories, because some of them aren't online. Orson didn't post them. But he was kind enough to post the 3 i have here online.

If you aren't a fan of Orson's work, thats fine. I don't like all his stories but i do like a few of them. Dust was one of my favorite stories from this book and i wish i could link you to a copy of the story, but i can't. But you can check out the book from your local library! That's a little bit of good news.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sci-Fi Romance

Ok, so i lost my flash drive. BIG DEAL!!! ALL of Vol. 3 is on that flash drive. i looked ALL OVER my room and the car and i cant find it. I have a early copy, 9 pages. Thats on my school H-Drive. I'm really mad at myself for being so irresponsible! I am 17 years old, not a todler! Why ... How ... When ... ??!!!! It's not a good feeling. That is 7 pages of the most intense action you will ever read... that i lost!!

It kinda sucks, but on the bright side, ii started writing a new story the other day (that was before i found out my flashdrive was lost). It's a Sci-Fi Romance story, kinda bridging the gap to the romace side of sci-fi. I can give you a rough sketch of my ideas but remember that i wont give you enough to be satisfied (as always) cuz i want you to explode with exitement when im done.

So the plot is simple, i dont expect this story to be more then 30 or 40 pages, It starts out with a Prologue, 2 characters (who remain nameless for now), are hiding in a janitors closet at school, they peak out to see if the coast is clear, they have a quick convo, humor is thrown in, you find out there running from zombies, there attacked, OH MY GOD! End Prologue.

Next, it starts out set with the main character on a school bus, heading to school, theres a small thingy, then you get another character, the main characters friend. They have a convo while riding to school when a 3rd character is introduced. Both of there friends, but a very popular dude at school. Like popular! (you dont even know till you read ....). Anyway, eventually after quick convo's, they arrive at school.

When they arrive at school, they get to the cafeteria where they chill in the mornings and get food. You realize that the main character (of course) has a HUGE HUGE crush on this girl and is to afraid to approach her cuz he doesn't wanna sound dumb or look stupid. So he gets some advice from his friend.


At least for now. I think. It will get better.

It is all i can really work on right now since i can't work on The Dove Master until i recover my flashdrive. I really think this is going to my greatest work. I'm not so sure though, it all depends on how much i develop each character, thats always the fun part, actually making you like the character! And on The Dove Master, you have so much insight that you can pick a favorite character, I like Oliver, Personally. But make your own favorites. Ehh, i gotta go.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Free Online Chess!

So i was just wondering the other day why Liberty North has NO CHESS TEAM but Liberty High does ... Then it occurred to me that maybe it's because nobody likes chess at the new high school (this being the first year and everything). I think I'm going to ask on Monday if there is a chess club and if not, why? But while i thought of all this, i decided to do a Google search practice my skillz a bit, see how bad or good i am.

Turns out i found this nifty little website that lets you play live against other players. All you do is choose a screen name (whatever you want) and you can play live with someone else. Its pretty cool. Each person gets a 15 minute clock and you got that time to make all your moves and see who wins. To my suprise, i won my first game. I was both shocked, suprised, and exited all at the same time!

It really shouldn't be a suprise, you don't know who your playing against or what there strategy is, so when this guy was on the defensive strategy, i put offense into gear and tried to kick some serious butt! It was an interesting match, i actually won by mistake. I was just trying to keep my last surviving rook from being taken and moved it all the way up (2 spaces) and check mate! my queen 2 spaces below the opposing queen blocked all exit strategies!

If you ever want to know if your playing against me, my screen name is always gonna be ChaosPeng. I love that screen name for some reason. As to why, its because penguins cause major chaos amongst the other arctic creatures because there crazy beasts! All fear them, except the Leopard Seal, whom i truly do hate with the fiery red passion of hell.

I have a theory about Leopard Seals. God created seals, yes, but the devil, in anger towards God, took the seals and created his own version. The Leopard Seal. Now they prey upon the beautiful penguins, and some win! The horror they must feel when a leopard seal grabs them by the tail and kills them with a single chomp! AHHH!!!! I can't even bear to think about it!!

Enough already! Lets get back to chess. So if your to lazy to click on the link i provided above, just go to and you will be able to play someone live. You can even connect to your facebook, but then you cant pick your screen name cuz it uses your facebook name, but i don't wanna give people my name ...

I'm hoping that I'll start to improve now that i found this website, that I'm definitely hoping is unblocked at school or i will be mad. Lets just hope we don't have to cross that bridge or i will have to use my fancy website bypass school blocker skills. Cuz i will .... if i have to.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Graphic Genius! 2

Heads up,  you can always click to enlarge the picture. I just wanted you to know that even though my teacher is a little rough around the edges, he's managable. I like his class and i'm learning a lot so i just roll with the punches and learn what i can along the way. I had to ask a lot of questions for my symmetrical picture. Making those 2 forks wasn't and easy task. But i must tell you that it was the most fun. I learned a lot about using Illistrator when i did this assignment.

Turns out though, we were only supposed to make one final product and i kinda made three ... I know, call me a bad listener, but i like to think of it as being an over achiever. Not that i am, trust me, i'm not, but it still makes me look (and feel) good. The final product i chose to use on this assignment was the Asymmetrical creation. When we turn it in on the wiki page, we have to answer all these challenging questions about our assignment, i guess you can call it the test at the end of our assignment, but the thing is, i'm finding them really easy to answer.

The assignment was simple. The 'test' we have on the assignment, if thats what you want to call it, is extremely easy so far! All we have to do is tell the story within our design. It's hillarious how easy it was. I am a writer, i like to write, so making a story for this design is very easy to me, it comes natural. I think my answer was clever. Here's what i put ...

This piece of beautiful artwork tells the story that these blocks are falling down a huge hill, falling downward, with nowhere to go but down. They keep rolling, rotating, and flipping until they finally reach the bottom. But when they reach the bottom, to there horror, there thrown into a large body of water! Floating amongst the other blocks, flipping and splashing, crashing into one another and bouncing off, they eventually find a spot amongst the water to settle until the next wave of blocks is thrown into the large pool of water, causing another wave of water and blocks to send them into unknown directions, the cycle never ending!

The group of blocks falling downward is, metaphorically, all the pieces of my life. The pieces of my life can include anything from family to friends to thoughts i have, and even things that i do (reflecting back upon them). The blocks falling down the 'huge hill' are the most recent pieces of my life sending me in the only direction i can go, down. The pieces at the bottom of the hill, floating silently until crashed into by more blocks, represent the pieces of my life unnoticed, untouched, or forgotten, probably forever, never to be noticed again.

I think that is an exceptable answer. At least, if it's not, i'll need a good explination why. Thats one heck of a creative answer. I took the time to think about what i was typing and making sure it flowed. But if i gotta be honest with you, i thought Graphic Design was going to  be about making animated videos ... not designs with Illistrator, not that i'm complaining, but animated videos is where i wanted to learn.

I want to be a Graphic Design Artist, yes, but i want to make animated videos. Now im not complaining about not learning that, this is OK for now but for future refrence, dont ask me to make you a banner or picture without being ready to pony up the dough. My services are going to cost you a small fee since i had to learn all this, no taking advantage of me this time (hehehe).


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Preview of my book.

Without further delay, here is an extremely rough draft of what i have thrown together from Volume 1 (Which, let me remind you, will be in chapters when I'm done).


“Legends have been told about a boy, The Dove Master, who would send a swarm of doves to protect the people of all worlds. When there was an enemy coming to attack another world, the doves would take action. When the doves see the enemy, there is a ray of light that burst from the doves, like a huge, bright light bulb turned on inside of them. They would kill themselves and the enemy to protect their people. Legend says when one Dove master dies, another is born. When The Dove Master reaches the age of responsibility, he will have to take the stand and protect the people of all worlds. On your planet, that age is around 17 years old.” He looked at the ground.

There was silence for several minutes as he let this sink in.

“Wow” I said in a low whisper, “That is crazy.”

“Yes and its tr—“

“You want me to believe that” I cut off his last thought, growing louder with each word and turning red with anger, “I am not going to fall for that pathetic story about a Dove Master! You’re the most creative pervert I have ever met … The only one I’ve ever met. Now leave me alone!”

“Wait, you must believe me!”

“No, no I won’t. I’m going home.”


Please be sure to leave me your constructive criticism so i can improve as an author/writer.

Monday, November 8, 2010

I really do hate Algebra

Trust me, if anyone ever asks you if you can help, solve, or look at a algebra problem, JUST SAY NO! And keep saying that over and over until they stop. Algebra is the worst kind of math i have had to experience in my life! Were doing a kind of algebra called Parabolas right now and its the worst thing in the world, i'm fairly sure i'm gonna fail the test tomorrow, even though i stayed after a half hour and got help. It's biting me and the butt and won't let go. I just do not like it

We were doing review today and i skipped over half the problems, which is why i stayed after. If only i could magically know all the steps to the equations. I just don't get it, really hate it, and wish i could just stop existing for one day. No, i wont skip school for a test, i can't. And even if i could, i wouldn't. I like school and working on my story (Its not a book just yet) in study hall.

Speaking of that, i may as well update you on my book. As you already know, i'm writing the book in volumes. Then i'm going to go back and take out the 'Volume 1,2,3, ect..' and put in chapters. My friend George will probably help me with that. The chapters probably won't be that long, maybe 6 or 7 pages, but thats good, because it makes for good reading.

Anyway, I have fully completed and finished Volumes 1 & 2 as far as writing, we still have to edit them, and i'm working on Volume 3 right now. It's in the early stages since im only 8 pages in. I will give you a sneak peek of my story soon, but i need to talk to George and see what i should let you see, how much (sentence, paragragh, longer, ect..) i should reveal, and all that jazz. I will probably let you have the sneak peek tomorrow or later on in the week, but hope on tomorrow.

If your wondering if i am failing my Algebra class, the answer is NO! I have a solid C in that class, i'm just struggling with this one part and forgot how to ask for help. Ya, i know, stupid idea ... But you can't change the past so lets work on the future.

Speaking of the future, I think i'll play tennis this week. I have been more and more falling in love with the game of tennis and the reasons are obvious, its totally the most awesome-cool amazing sport ever!! I can play tennis forever and never get tired, but yet, when i run a mile, or try to; i can't, i get wipped out in no time! Maybe its just the fact that i'm doing something i enjoy and don't think about any physical attributes or maybe i just ignore the painful thoughts. Either way, i never feel any pain in my legs while im playing or afterwords.

I will probably play tennis when the weather is the best, i am going to check and write it down. Did i tell you my Aunt Sharon bought me a cool little planner book for $.50? Yea, well ... she did and i love it! I use it all the time, not for school, but for school and my personal life. I don't write any of my really personal things in there because i don't want people to think im a wierdo or pervert, which you will, don't deny it. But i won't get mad at you, because i accept who i am, even when though i know a lot of peole wouldn't.

If you ever find yourself wondering why, dont. I won't tell you, even if you pry for information. I am a very, keep to myself, kind of person so i dont talk to anyone about feelings and that kind of thing. I keep it all in my brain. Trust me, if i just let it all out and felt better about sharing all my problems with someone, you would regret me sharing it with you, im sure. So i just keep it to myself.

Enough about that, I am just going to end with this short note. I just checked and its raining on Thursday and Friday. Tomorrow is the highest temp. of the week but its windy. And the weekend is clear. So im probably gonna ask my buds to play tennis with me on either Wednesday, Saturday, and/or Sunday. I will discuss it with them tomorrow.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Football Games and other Junk!

My last post was forever ago so i told myself, "Gee Zach, if i put some more effort into blogs, i would have a more constantly updated blog." I laughed at myself though and then thought, "I might get more followers too!" That mad me roll on the floor and hee-haw like a possesed animal. No way i'll get more then 10 followers without fame. Its just not happening, it seems. But it all depends.

The last week has been exiting and tragic all at the same time. Do you want the Good or Bad news first? Good news? Well ok, but i like getting the bad out first so you end with good ... The Good news is that another school week has passed taking away 1 week from the never ending journey of school and education! That and I ate some really good Guys Original chips today. The Bad news is that i didnt get any orange soda all week until just yesterday! I sat in my room, blinds down, in the dark for hours  mumbling to myself, half crazy, about wanting some orange soda or the world would end, lives would be shattered, and the whole universe would split like an atom! Gone is mere seconds. Luckily that didn't happen and i'm quite happy, alive, and going to a football game tonight, i think.

Football, the second American game (in line behind baseball) that people love going to. Only in high school, its more of a social event since my team always loses. But were watching the Jays, not Eagles, tonight, so i think were gonna be fine. The Jays are really good and i think they'll win the game tonight, i'd almost bet on it! But thats not the point here, the point is social - talk to people - interact - have fun time! So obviously i have to invite my best buds to come along! Oh wait, one is in Chadwick, Missouri all weekend which kinda blows things up a bit. Why go with one person when you can go with 40? three's a crowd, fourty's a party! I know i don't have 40 friends, but i can still invite two people ... Hey, Ya You! I have a social life so don't judge me cuz i can only invite 3 peole. I could invite more people, yes, but i dont like some people OR i don't wann talk to some people ... Some people just annoy me, even though i know them.

The point of the matter is this, Why invite a ton of people if there just going to mooch off of you? Ya gotta think ahead, Don't invite company if you can't afford it. i'm broke so its up to my mom to get us from Point A to Point B (I will end up paying her back when i get a job). So its just simpler if i invite a few people, like 2 or 3, to the game tonight. It's just logical that way. Honestly, i am not going to the game tonight if nobody excepts my invite. It would just be boring siting there alone.

This weekend is going to be great (especially since it was early release Thursday and no school Friday)! I am going to my girlfriends house this weeked and thats always the best day of my week! I love my girlfriend and everything about her and i dont care who knows it! I think life gave me a decent hand in the 4th round, i got cruddy decks before, but when good people come in to your life, it makes the deck better and it just keeps getting better, the happer i am. So far, im decent, so my deck this round is pretty decent!

Well thats enough yappin' for me, thanks if you made it through this entire post, i hope it wasnt too boring, lol.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Clean House!

Before/After Kitchen Picture

Before/After Living Room
 Ok so i hope that your impressed with my amazing cleaning abilities, but it's just so easy to clean something when you have a general idea and motivation. The good thing about cleaning the house was that it gave me something to do, even though i was alone all day. I wish i had someone to hang out with when i'm alone at home, but i have wierd friends who  make up wierd excuses. No, Not You, Him ... lol.

So i was talking hoping to have the entire kitchen clean before my mom got home, since cleaning the house was a big suprise for her, but my mom got home early. She told me she would be home between 9:30 - 10:00 PM but she pulls in the driveway at 8:50 PM ... CRAP!! lol, it was crazy for about 3 minutes as i ran into the living room to put the stuff i found (of mine) in my room before she came in.

I wish i had my own TV show, that would be cool! I would love to get paid for being "silly" as some call it, but adults gotta have fun too and im not a childish boy being 'silly' but just having a good time and being 'happy'. Do adults live there lives bored, bringing home the paycheck and not having fun? NO! They laugh, have fun, and get cool prizes. But thats going off topic.

Anyway, i think that the house turned out pretty awesome. I didn't get a chance to load the dishwasher like i wanted but my mom was too tired to care anyway. I guess that's good. She was alert enough to drink the hot chocolate she bought, but after that she went to bed. I was hoping that she would show more exitement, but she didn't really show any sort of exitement, ... That's ok, i like living in a clean house and that's all that really matters to me. I didn't for her, but it benifits everyone in the long run!

I just wanted to make a quick post so you saw the Before/After effect. I know the Before was a night shot and the After was a day shot, but im not so sure that it matters. The effect is still there.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Let's do some chores!

I decided that i would be nice and clean up the house (technically it's a duplex ... nevermind) i live in because there are candy wrappers all over the place and the living room is a total mess! I don't like living in a mess and if i'm in a mess for a long enough time, i will feel obligated to clean it (if its a mess at the place I live). I enjoy eating food and drinking from a fast food cup, but if you leave it lying on the ground and show no respect for the trash can, then  you don't deserve to live in the house your in. It's called a TRASHcan for a reason ... some people are just that dumb to (Kinda an 'lol' moment but also a moment to mourn).

So i will start by cleaning the living room. The living room is my Exibit A (the pictures above). It is the messiest and the most time consuming place in this house mostly because of TV, but also thats just where you go when your bored. I wish i could find other places to go, but my room is boring and all i do in there is watch VHS movies and sleep. Hince, Living Room is easy to get dirty (mostly because people eat food and throw the wrapper on the floor). That's just wrong, i put in back in the bag and put that next to my mom for her. Can you tell we eat fast food (not often but ... more then 'occationally')? Oh well.

Now if thats not bad enough, i am probably going to have to clean the kitchen sometime in that time. Its an utter catastrophie! I am litterally living in a trash infested, cluttered dishes kitchen and i hate it with a passion so fire-hot, the fires of hell can't compare! I just really don't like the chaos in my house, it's like living in the house (duplex, lol) from hell! I mean, can't one room be clean (my room doesn't count because im naturally a 'clean freak' when it comes to MY room)?? My friends Kyle and George have clean houses! My friend George has a lot of younger brothers and a sister and do you see a mess there? Nope. That's one clean house too! If they had Clean-House awards, that house would get a golden post in there yard with big letters "CLEAN HOUSE AWARD 2010" on it. So why can't my kitchen be at least normal-clean? it's just madness.

Too top it all off, i will have to do laundry! ALL of the clothes that fit me are dirty. That's not a lot considering i have 5 or 6 shirts, 2 pairs of jeans (I have 3 but my 3rd is too big on me), and a lot of socks (I love the guy who invented socks)!! I don't like doing laundry because it just isn't my thing. My mom usually cleans the laundry, but if im desperate enough, i will do laundry (then i get yelled at for not putting enough laundry in the washer, go figure). But i don't think i will get yelled at this time, because my sister has a color gaurd competition tomorrow and i will have the house to myself (Can you spell party? lol). I will probably have to clean it tonight so it will be clean tomorrow for the party (I'm not having a party, but i like to think i am).

If i could fall into a large sum of cash, i would pay off all my parents debts, get new furniture and pay my sister weekly to leave me alone (I love my sister, but GOSH, didn't know how long someones day was until she opens her mouth ... *Hours later* "So then i got out of bed and walked to the bathroom so i wouldn't miss the bus."). I am a nice guy, trust me, but my sister is just ... gosh, i can't explain in text, just ask me in person (if you know me).

If those pictures aren't convincing enough for you, imagine 5 bags of holloween candy spread out ALL OVER that living room picture. I almost went postal earlier and picked up A TON OF CANDY from the living room. It was madness. I will show you how much of a 'clean freak' i am (If you don't believe me). After i clean the Living Room, Kitchen, and do laundry, i will post new pictures (kinda like a Before/After picture). So keep an open eye out for that post (probably gonna be a post tomorrow after i have cleaned it (cuz i wanna clean it while there gone) so its more of a suprise for my mom). Yes, I like seeing my mom suprised that i've actually done something she considers useful. It makes me like living a little more, lol.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Crazy Late Shift Updating Mode!

Hey, I have spent the last hour or so updating my blog to its current hip and new look. I didn't like the design i had earlier, it wasn't very professional, didn't have an edge, and it takes a long time to load on my mom's computer. When i loaded the new design on this computer, it loaded a lot faster, and that i was thankful for.

My blogs new design is, in my opinion, very cool! I think that anyone (no matter how old) would like my design. I tried to make it a neutral design so more people would want to check it out. I like getting comments on my posts, but it seems only one posts on my blog and one posts on my Facebook links. That's not how followed blogs work. I thought that people posted comments, you replied, and everyone was happy. Guess i missed that memo ... my bad.

If you want to know how my book is coming along, i have been vigorously working on the story in my Study Hall class (1st hour). I have a really rough draft of my 1st Volume (not even close to being finished!!!) and my Volume 2 isn't even finished. I have over 35 pages of content combined though, that news makes me happy. If i had to give you a estimate of when the ENTIRE book will be 100% Finished, i would tell  you to ask me in April or May of 2011. I don't think that it will get finished at all before that time. I know that my editor is getting a copy and i might give a copy to a few other people.

I know that my facebook page has been getting a lot of updates recently from the Backyard Monsters App. I've been playing. It's probably the most amazing game I've played on Facebook since ... Ever! The graphics are insane-cool and i love the whole concept of creating a town, updating it, battling others, and so on and so forth. I think that it's worthwhile to check out if you find the time.

So i created a new blog a month or so back for school purposes only. I will only update it before school or in Study Hall. I will never update it outside of school. I think that posting blogs is a great way to just be crazy, vent out feelings, or give your opinion on something without judgement (mostly). I would feed you the link to the school blog, but i want you to find it on  your own. Let's make it a challenge! If you find the blog, comment on this post or my facebook post. Feed me the URL in the comment and i will let you know if your right or wrong! Trust me, you will know if it's mine or not.

To close this blog i wanted to make it special, i don't know how i was going to do that, but i felt like i should add a picture of me or something.

I hope that picture is satisfactory right now. I took it with my webcam. I also took the time to take a bunch of pictures and post them on facebook. I would give you the link but the album is 'friends only'. I like to give my friends a reward. My pictures are amazing, i hope, so i want my friends to look at them and see what I've done. That makes the ride more fun.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Popularity (And a few random thoughts at the bottom)

For the first time in, i don't know how long, i felt popular last night! I felt like i had actual friends who thought i was cool and liked hanging out with me. I liked how the day went and if i could, i would spend every day like i spent yesterday! So what happened yesterday? Oh wouldn't you like to know .... *evil laugh* .... *clears throat and coughs* ... Ok, i guess i will let you have the details of what happened.

So we all know yesterday was a Friday so i had to go to school. But when school got out at 2:50 and my mom picked me and my friends Kyle and George up, she headed over to George's house (well, technically its his parents house ... nevermind), we immediatly left the house and went to the park down the road. We decided to do a little sparring (battling) and i lost horribly. I decided to take the chips and hide and it took them 15 minutes to find me (Boy that was fun!). When they found me, i was by the baseball place where theres grass growing on the field (gee, not much upkeep going on ...) and we hung out there as they ate more chips (the chips were kinda spicy and im a gringo so i dont like spicy foods that are TOO spicy so i didn't eat but like 9 chips, lol). We decided to go over to the tennis courts and watch some people play tennis.

After about 10 minutes it made us wanna play tennis so i called my mom and she brought over my rackets and tennis balls (it took her an hour 1/2 to get em' but we still gotta play). When we had practiced for 9 or 10  minutes, we challenged (mostly George challenged) these other people at the courts. They were like, "Ok, If you want." They were really nice people too, since we played doubles, we switched out with the 3rd every set. We had to cut our game short since we had to be back at Georges house at 6:30 (we left the park at 6:34 ish ...), Nonetheless, it was awesome and reminded me of why i love tennis so much! When we got back to Georges house, we hung out and talked to Georges mom until my mom showed up to pick me and my friend up (actually, it wasn't the whole time, it was most of the time. I also pet her cat and talked to Georges brother part of the time).

When my mom showed up, it occured to everyone that not only do i wanna go to the Football game that night (Go Team Go!), but so did my 2 friends and my other friend (who needed a ride), Ashley. So we piled into the car full of junk (my mom cleaned the garage ... oh bother), she dropped my sister off at home (she didn't wanna see the game and the back was piled full of junk so we didn't have room anyway) and we picked up  my other friend Ashley. She took us to the Football game (we were slightly late, but it was still awesome). My girlfriend was going to the game so i met up with her and my possy followed (i like saying possy cuz 2 of the 3 wouldn't of gone without me). We found some great seating and talked most of the game (like regular teenagers, of course). Our team totally whooped the opposing team and i cheered, loudly (If you didn't know already, i love being loud). When the game was over my girlfriend had to leave immediatly (so she says cuz she borrowed her moms car (with approval)). So we all waited for my mom.

My friend Ashley was already planning on going to the movies after the football game and she didn't wanna go alone to the movies (who ever does?) so we tagged along (I hope Kyle pays my mom back like he said ... hmmm). The movie she wanted to watch was already 20 minutes into it so we had to find the one that was closest to the beginning (that we wanted to watch) and zoomed into the cinema! My mom gave some cash for consessions and told me to spend the least possible. I bought 2 soda's. When the movie was over, we took Ashley home, took Kyle home and then went back to my house (After we bought some gas for the car).

We didn't get home until close to Midnight and then my mom went strait to bed. I got on the computer and George watched as i checked my facebook , updated my status and played some Mario Flash (George says some of the Apps. on Facebook actually look kind of cool which is making me wish he would just bypass the Facebook Group and join!). I ended my fun at 1:30AM when i finally went to bed (Usually i stay up later on Friday or Saturday (or both), but George was tired so i decided to hit the sack as well).

Sidenote: I left for school at 6:50am and didn't get home until close to 12:00am ... Thats around 18 hours i was out of my house. Not to mention i woke up at 6:10am and didn't go to bed until 1:30am (almost 19 hours i was awake).

So since i had a regular night of fun and exitement, i was thrilled to say that i thoroughly enjoyed my normal night of fun. I hope that more days like this are here to come. I know for a fact, i will have fun like that when i get a job, because my dad told me himself that when i get a job, everything will fall into place (kinda like a domino effect).

Job = Money,
Money = $ for insurance,
$ for insurance = Drivers liscence,
Drivers liscense = fun with my friends/dates with my girlfriend

So i gotta agree with my dad on this one, i need a job! I need to get my life going in full gear so i can get my life on with! I won't sit around and be a bum my whole life, i need to grow up and get a job before its too late and i die  under a bridge (not like that would happen). The fact that i had so much fun last night makes me wish i had a job even more, since i could do more things like that anytime i wanted!

Anyway, tonight i am going to the homecoming dance with my girlfriend and thats gonna be a lot of fun too! I can't wait to see her in her beautiful dress and, well ... i can't wait to see her period (gosh im lucky for having such an amazing girl)!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Book Update!

Hello my fellow readers, i just wanted to post an update while im awake (Half asleep, but awake). I have been vigorously working on my story and i am glad that i can finally confirm that (I think) i am 95% done with the editing proccess of Volume One. I am working on Volume two as my editor works things out. I should have Volume One 100% Done and ready by the end of next week which will give me more time to work on Volume two. I have 6 pages on Volume two (As Microsoft Word 2007 tells me) and i'm quite pleased with the outcome of my story so far. I invited my editor to have dinner with me so we could discuss some issues containing the book, plot, characters futures, ect ... stuff i'm not, at this time, able to reveal to you (All in good time)! I am going to work extremely hard over the next few months to bring this book to life and hopefully have a book that sells on the shelves by the end of 2011. I know that sounds far away, but all things come eventually and i dont know when the book will be done. I have school ya know ..... I need to balance my writing with my education! I wish that i could give you a sneak-peek of what im writing, but for copywright purposes only, i can't risk it! This blog is open to the world and i don't like taking chances with my ... better writings. My low class writing isn't worth stealing cuz its not one of a kind or genius, just ... regular, like all the other stort writings in the world. So if your truly a fan of my work, i know that you'll be patient and wait for the book to be released on the shelves. I hope that my blog can go proffesional if i get this book published, cuz its kinda amatuer right now .... I need a proffessional look that people would like to see when reading my blog ... a little color and design would be nice! Right now i just think it's too flashy. I dont like flash on my blog. Back to the point, my book. It will be done when i finish it and i hope that your patient enough to wait. I will created a facebook group for my writing so you can stay in the loop.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Books, Apps, and Sci-Fi (Oh My!)

I can't believe its been 11 days since the last post, good grief (I apologize). But i wanted to let you know that i have been crazy busy on a lot of stuff recently. If your connected to me on facebook, then your already gonna know most of information i am going to tell you, but for those of you who are rudely not friends with me on facebook ... well, i will keep you in the loop. 1st things 1st, I have been saying 'cool beans' alot recently and its my newest .... phrase? I really don't know why and i honestly wish i could figure it out, but i guess i just find it really catchy and thats that. 2nd on the agenda is gonna be my facebook extravaganza. Thanks to my Nephew, i have been playing a new Facebook App. called WarStorm and i really enjoy it equally as much as Pet Wars and Wild Ones (also other Facebook Apps). Pretty much, you get some cards, battle other armies and see who wins (mostly its me but my level gives me much harder battles now). As simple as that sounds, its a tough strategy game. What do i spend my silver on? Save for more cards or buy sooner? It's all a 50/50 gamble. I would continue on but its not that important, haha. Next on the agenda is STORIES! Ahh, yes, my beloved story. I am writing a story right now and its not like my short stories where i have a quick, funny plot that gives you something to "lol" about, but its more of a book where there is a thick plot with dynamic characters and a storyline that will keep you glued to the pages! So far (as Microsoft Word 2007 tells me), i have 12 pages on Volume One (I'm breaking them up in volumes right now so i can have them better organized) and i am working on Volume Two as we speak (3 pages right now). It's truly amazing how i have totally evolved into a writer who not only can create a story with characters, but also captivate the reader and really draw them in to feel the emotions one character feels and how you can feel the despair one character feels inside. you can laugh with one  character and feel the tension with another. I really like how you can form words and put them in a row, creating a whole new world of people to be born. I abosoutly love it! If i could write for the rest of my life, i would be in heaven, because nobody can take my voice away and when i write, thats my voice on paper. I have really taken a huge gap from my poetry and moved to writing stories. I really see myself evolving as a writer and hope to write a book that other people find on a book shelf, buy, and enjoy (maybe refer to a few friends)! Thats just my two-cents though, enough said. For some reason, I don't like reading books as much as i enjoy writing my own. I really like the 13th Reality Series by James Dashner, its where i am getting a lot of creative ideas for my stories! This Author is plain awesome. He also writes the Jimmy Fincher Saga (series of 4 books) and its a great sci-fi series (13th reality is also sci-fi fiction) that i could read over and over until i die! I really enjoy reading Sci-Fi Fiction books because its always full of something strange or bizzare. Maybe a creature you couldn't imagine until you read about it or a world full of people and plants that would never exist on earth. Its fun to read about that, most other books just bore me. I find no interest in them. I like to surround myself in fiction and creative ideas. Only my friend George understands that. My other friends just think im wierd, lol. I wish i could give you a sample of my story and what i've got so far, but i am not giving a copy of this to anyone except my editor and (maybe) my illistrator (if i can find one). But i got to keep this story on the DL until i can solve a few issues concerning this. Other then that, i might go to my friends house this upcoming Tuesday (he has to talk to his parents).

Saturday, September 18, 2010

One Funny YouTuber!

Dear Blog Follower,

I am here to address to you a concern of mine. As i am grateful that you take valuable time out of your 24 hour day, i am worried that you don't get the big picture. I really do appreciate that your like my blog posts enough to return over and over to read more, but if i can ask you a question (you probably wont answer in the comments) about YouTube, then i would really and truly be grateful! Here i am now going to ask you my question, Have you heard of couchpotatoekid05? If you answered Yes, Then great for you, it's truly amazing that you can expierence some great (and mostly appropriate in most) videos! If you answered No, then i feel sorry for you. You can't laugh at something truly funny and mostly appropriate. If i had to choose between Shane Dawnson, iJustine, or chouchpotatoekid05, i would choose couchpotatoekid05! Because he's not a "Popular YouTuber" and only has around 100 followers, he is a nice guy. I have talked to him through YouTube email and Formspring and he is a nice guy. I like nice people. So if you ever need a good laugh, check out his channel. To give you a sample of his vidoes, here is my personal favorite out of all his videos!

Make that video full screen. Ok .... Hope that you all have a nice day. I hope it's full of laugher, fun, and exiting adventures in the amazon forest (watch out for those wierd fish ....)!!

Zachary Penguin

Tommow is the last day on earth!

BE WARNED !!! This post is highly religious and full of my point of view on life and creation!! If you are allergic to really religious people, you better get your medicine, because i'm going to put a waterfall of informaiton in your (insert body of water)!

Now that you know this information, i may continue. I may be wrong throwing opinions around, but i think the rapture is happening tomorrow because in isreal, there in the middle of The Feast of Trumpets and thats a religious thingy (September 16th - 20th) where the Jewish People feast and pray (I Think, im going from memory) and the head Priest listens to all these horns and when his spirit tells him which one is right, everyone will blow that trupmet and at exactly the same time God will blow his trumpet send all his people home (AKA - The Rapture)! So if i dont post another blog after today, then you now know why! Pick up a Holy Bible and read it! Now that you know that little piece of my brain, i can end this blog post.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Free Promotion?

I don't wanna make a blog post that boring, but what is there to blog? I think i will just add some links.

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ok, now ... here's a cool video!!

Ok, Thank you (:


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Graphic Genius!

Amazing Artwork

Hello, I thought i would start by giving you the "wow" factor with my amazing art skills. I made this image with illistraiter in the spare time i had in my Graphic Design class (at school). We have amazing MAC computers so of course this image is amazing. I think its pure Genius and i haven't even scratched the surface of what i can do to an image in this. The text is plain old boring stuff, but the colors are very unique indeed. I really enjoyed making this image and hope that you can enjoy it as well.

Now i hope that you want me to continue on with this post, because i can stop if you want .... No? Good. I wanted to let you all know that as much as i enjoy writing short stories for you, i wont always post one. I have an idea for a story, but i won't tell you (let the suspense (not) kill you) right now, just wait for it to come and then you can LOL all over the place. I want you all to know that i met the Govenor of this fine state today. He was at my school and came to my Econ. and Gov. class. I didn't like how it gave me 2nd lunch, i kinda like my friends more then some politition, but hey, i wont complain. I know that he makes more money then me. About the job hunt, i am trying to get a job (by doing nothing) but it's not working out for me. I wish a job could walk up to  you and say "Hello, are you interested in making over $300 a month?"
"Why yes, i am interested, thanks!"
"When can you start?"
"Great, Be at (Blah-Blah) at 4pm tomorrow and start your shift, Thank you."
"No, Thank YOU!"
Then Zach knew it, he was gonna be rich. The End.
If only life was that easy. This blog wont be as long this time, but that because i don't wanna rant and rave about stuff im not motivated with. But i hope you enjoy the picture i made, i wanted to post it A.S.A.P! Comment plz, thanks, bye, over and out.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Rainbow Road - A Short Story

Far away in a magical kingdom filled with double rainbows and ice cream sundae mountains, there was a penguin. A lone penguin in a kingdom full of magical creatures, This penguins name was Cowand. Cowand was a friendly penguin who loved to have fun. Now when Cowand was a small little munchkin, he loved to sing and dance and explore the world he lived in. Now that Cowand is fully grown (in his opinion), he has ventured off to the top of a mountain, Mount Cupcake, where we are about to join him do a stunt. This stunt is not only dangerous, but a bad idea. Let us join him as we continue this story.

"Oh Boy!" Shouted Cowand. "I am gonna do this and then I'm going to get all the respect i want! People will love me and then name there children after me! It's gonna be great!" So Cowand got his sled (which happens to be a big piece of cardboard stapled to a piece of wood) and set it at the tip of the mountain. He then got his backpack and set it on the sled before he sat down with it. He pulled a paddle out of his backpack and pushed himself off the edge of the sled. All of a sudden he starts shooting down the hill like a bullet going, what seemed, 70 miles an hour in a matter of seconds!

While flying down the hill he starts shouting, "YES! YES! THIS IS  AWESOME!! BRING IT ON!! GIMME MORE!! THAT ALL YOU GOT!??!!!"  After making it 1/5 of the way down the mountain (And this is a big mountain), he saw a blur in the distant future. He reached into his bag and pulled out a pair of binoculars so he could see this mysterious item in the road ahead. He looked into his binoculars and quickly looks away, rubs his eyes, and looks again to confirm what he saw. Through his eyes, he saw a family of porcupines walking across the mountain. He Yelped and grabbed his paddle from the side of the sled and then tried to merge his way east as the family was going west. But to his surprise the speed of his sled would not agree with him and snapped his paddle as he tried to put himself east.

Now without a paddle he started to panic, he reached in his bag, pulled out a megaphone and shouted "Hey you cute family of porcupines, MOVE IT, UH ... PLEASE!!" suddenly the father porcupine looks up and notices Cowand speeding toward him and his family at a lighting fast pace so he charges into action telling his family to move it faster in his porcupine language. As Cowand notices this, he finds relief knowing that they know, but not all is dandy and fine yet in the world of this story, for they porcupine are not out of danger yet, just aware of it. As all but 2 porcupines are clear of this danger, Cowand closes in, no longer needing his binoculars to see them, he then realizes that he might be able to  move the sled if he tilts his body to the east.

As he see's them closing in, he leans into the east as best he can and closes his eyes, to afraid to see the results. He then hears a low gasp and opens his eyes. He see's no more porcupines and looks behind him to see what happened. As he turns around, he see's the family of porcupines have made it another day, safe and sound. He then turns around to go on with his journey down hill. He reaches in his bag and pulls out a pair of goggles and gloves, puts them on and goes onward with his journey down this huge mountain. At this point he is only 2/5 down the really big mountain which, when he's done, will end right at the edge of town. He then rolls onto his stomach and embraces the wind in this face cheering it on as he flies down this hill.

As he finds time to look around, he notices the beautiful tree's all around (that he hasn't run into). greens, blues, and purples all clashing together to make a truly beautiful sight. He then looks lower to see all the ground animals rushing around on the blanket of snow provided for them. As he looks up he see's a tree, a really big tree, right in front of him and he screams. "HOLY MOLY!! LEFT, I CHOOSE LIFE!!!" He veers to his left as fast as he can but comes up inches short. He flips his sled at almost 90 MPH and crashes into the surrounding tree's.

As he gets up, he notices that he is feeling pain all over himself, feeling like he ran into a wall, only it was a tree, really hard. He gets up and, luckily, finds all his items he had on the sled. He walks over to see if his sled is still operational only to find that is is bent all over the back and the cardboard came off 40% of the piece of wood. He see's that it will still work if he is careful, and having no choice, he climbs onto the sled with his stuff and pushes himself back down the hill. when he clears the tree's about 20 minutes later, he grabs his binoculars and see's that his is roughly 3/5 down the mountain at this point. He is around the halfway point and just thinks to himself, No pain, No gain. I need to focus in on this little stunt of mine so that the welcome party at the end can cheer and call me an awesome daredevil willing to try any stunt, no matter how dangerous! I will be so popular when this is all over!

He  kept thinking that over and over while he  raced down the hill. As he got up to higher speeds, he began to notice how quiet the world got when it was just himself, alone, on the mountain. It gave him a strange happiness and he closed his eyes to take it all in. After another 20 minutes, he started to get bored after being on this sled for who knows how long, so he decided to take some photos. He reached into his bag and pulled out a camera. He began to take shots of the surrounding animals and trees, but knowing Cowand, he got bored again, very quickly.

As he reached 4/5 down Mount Cupcake, he quickly grasped the fact that, even though he would be a legend, he would be a legend who got bored on a sled ride down a huge mountain, but not any mountain, Mount Cupcake!! So to ease that painful though, he grabbed his binoculars and looked down the mountain to see how much mountain was left. Too his surprise, he found a short distance between him and the bottom of the mountain. But also, as a shock to Cowand, he finds that only 3 people are at the bottom of the mountain waiting for him. He then notices that its all a hoax. He was just tricked into this by the evil people in his town.

About another 28 minutes and he could hear someone shouting, "HEY!, THERE HE IS!! HE ACTUALLY DID IT!!!" He was shocked that people thought he wouldn't do it. Why don't they trust my word? It's me were talking about. He was shocked. As he finally reached the bottom he shouted, "STOP ME! BEFORE I HIT SOMEONE!" and a few of em' ran toward the center, just asking to be slaughtered. So one of em' put a few bricks in the center of the road and i knew what that meant ... I crashed into those brings and flew face first onto the snow infront of me. I got up and brushed myself off, not feeling any pain from my crash. "What's with all the ... nothing?" asked Cowand.
"You mean, the fact that 3 people came to see you cross the finish line of the challenge presented to you by the evil people of this magical town?" said the first one.
"Yes, that pretty much sums up my question."
"Well, They just tricked you into doing something, because they thought you would just die in your attempt and not be a problem anymore. Sorry."
"No, its ok, i think i see whats going on, they are just evil people."
"Yes, i agree... Because that's what I've just Said."
"So how was it?" Asked a second one
"It was a thrill a minute! I loved it and i got some great pictures!"
"Wow" said the first one
"Now I'm going to go home."
"Wait! That's it? No story?" asked the third one
"Well, I'm tired and i promise to tell you if you come over to my house around 8PM tonight, deal?"
"DEAL!" said all three in unison
"Now I'm going to go rest my back, legs, and generally my whole body!"
"Ok, were gonna go ... to the bowling alley. C'mon guys, lets go." said the second one.
So the day was victorious! The challenge was not only excepted, but completed successfully and Cowand went home with a renewed sense of accomplishment! But Cowand was not ready for what he was to find later on that week ...

Sunday, August 29, 2010

School Fight - A 100% False Made-Up Story

Kevin walked down the hall. The hall was dim, but he didn't care, he was on his way to 3rd hour study hall and there was a large crowd of people around doing the same. Kevin enjoyed school, when he was alone, but he never understood why people had to learn things like Art, Design, Building and all that boring stuff. He didn't like study hall, he had always wanted a fun class like Sculpture or Stage craft, but it wouldn't fit his schedule.

He was going down the hall when he spotted his arch-enemy, Micheal Pecker. He quickly took a U-Turn and started walking the other way, but it was too late.
"Hey Butt Brain, Get over here!" Shouted the loud oaf of a man. "I said get over here! Don't make me follow you!"
Kevin was in a panic, this man was the meanest guy in the universe. As far as he was concerned he could fall in a 30 foot hole and Kevin wouldn't care. He got about 100 yards away before Micheal grabbed his shoulder and stopped him. Great, now i have to deal with this dude. thought kevin,  Why didn't i go the long way, now i have it coming.

Micheal studied Kevin for a moment, waiting to see if he would run or say something.
When Kevin did nothing, Micheal make his voice known, "Whats wrong? Don't wanna talk to your pal?"
I took a deep breath, knowing that if i just went with it, it would be painless, mostly. "No, i just have to go to the restroom so i was going that way." I was sweating, i had to be, i was so nervous i thought i would die.
"Well theres just one problem with your story." I waited as he studied me slowly. "I was standing next to the restroom and because you lied to me, you got it coming to you." I was beyond nervous at this point, i wanted to eat some spinach and punch him through the wall, but i knew i couldn't. This isn't a cartoon, i would get pounded and have to live with it, everyday. "Do you want it in the gut or in the face? I prefer the gut since it leaves less evidence, but it's up to  you."

I backed up against the wall before i spoke, Micheal tailing me the whole way. "I would prefer that you and I be friends and not fight like this, because i see it as pointless. And very painful as well"
He laughed a loud, hard laugh before replying to me in a smug tone. "I'm sorry Kevin, but not even your clever jokes are getting you outta this. Now hold sti--" He was interupted by a shove to his shoulder.
"Leave that man alone or i'm gonna have to make you!" It was my best friend, Zeke Dove, the coolest man in the world who was always funny and a great friend. "Step off and pick on someone your own size!" Micheal was shocked, but i knew he wasn't scared. Zeke was a great friend, but nobody scared Micheal, not even the teachers.

"Well, what do we have here? A lone hero here to save the world, one shove at a time." He laughed again, i hated it when he laughed, that meant he was happy.
"Ya, i'm a lone hero and i'm here to warn you. I heard about what you did to my friend last time and i won't stand for it happening again. Your a pig, a filthy, nasty pig and i hope you get what you got coming! Now leave my friend alone or you got trouble." I was so happy that Zeke had seen me in the hallway, i woulda had a big stomach cramp otherwise.
"Ok, that's it, i'm not taking this from some punk kid trying to be mr. hero." He walked over to Zeke at a quick pace before he swung a hard left. Zeke grabbed his  fist and twisted it backwards. He held it as Micheal let out a painful shriek. At this point we had gathered a small audience and they were thrilled to see a fight. Zeke then stomped on his toe and punched him square in the face.

Micheal felt that as he flew in the air onto his back. Zeke walked over to Micheal and stepped on his hand, with full force it seemed. "Now i said to leave my friend alone. If you don't, we might need to have another talk. Do you understand, Micheal?" Micheal just make noises of pain. Zeke looked annoyed, like he wasn't getting the answer he wanted, he put more force on Micheal's hand. "Do you understand?!"
Micheal was now shrieking in pian, "I UNDERSTAND!! PLEASE STOP!! MY HAND!!!" Zeke let Micheal's hand go and Micheal jumped up, staring at his hand.

He then focused on Zeke. "Ok bub, your gonna get it next time." Zeke looked like he was between bored and annoyed as he listened, he then shifted to what looked like anger.
"Ya? Anytime! Just leave my friend Kevin alone and you got no problems, from me at least. Now get outta here!" Micheal took a long, cold look at Zeke before he quickly rushed away from the scene, probably going to the nurse. As Micheal passed me he glared and whispered "Watch your back!" then he dissapeared. I Then focused on Zeke as he walked over to me.
"You ok? that butt wont be messing with you for awhile." said Zeke. I was so relieved, i don't think i had any more problems from him today.
"Ya, thanks buddy. Now i gotta get to class, im late." I rushed away taking my things with me. I was glad i had a good friend to stand up for me, because it gave me a little more confidence. Today may of had a scary moment, but that wasn't the last i would hear from Micheal Pecker ...