Saturday, December 26, 2009

Who i bought Gifts for (for Christmas)!

Oh Ya, incase your wondering if i was a lazy bum and didnt buy anything for anyone, your sadly mistaken. I did buy 2 gifts for 2 people and i got 2 Christmas Cards to 2 people. 
So lets begin the story telling of what i got for my 2 people.

You can almost guess who i bought the first gift for (if you read my earlier blog). Yes, your correct, I bought a gift for my girlfriend.

I bought my girlfriend the Wii game, Deca Sports 2! She loved it, but i could not find a snowglobe, which i was look frantically all over for!! Im always happier when im around my girlfriend, Kelsey, because, not sure, i just feel happier, like its her presence that makes me happy or just being around her. I know this is all love and emotions, but im just saying what i feel.

Anyway, back to the presents.

That picture is my girlfriend playing the gift Wii game i bought her. I only had $50 to spend on Christmas so i wanted to buy her something that was memorable and that she could use many times in a row. I think that she will enjoy for a long time to come .....

I also bought my girlfriend a Christmas card and it was all warm with feelings and i know she loved it too.

Now onto my second gift i bought.......

I bought my other gift for my Best Friend (not you George, ur 3rd...) Kyle!! 
I bought him a $5 Gift Card to WalMart xD

Its kinda a joking present, but $5 is alot to me. I put that gift card in the card i got for him. 
He has yet to return my 1 phone call, but if he does not reply before school starts, i will want to smack him in the head and tell him to reply to my one phone call next time i call him. I dont like talking on phones unless i have to. im more of a talking in person, face to face, kinda guy. I can then interpret there body language and know if they're ignoring me or not.

Anyway, thanks for listening to my rambling and i hope that everyone who reads this had a Merry Christmas!!

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