Friday, December 25, 2009


Hello all you fellow blog readers, Im here to tell you about my amazing and wonderful Christmas. Now this wont be like everyone other one with, "I had the best Christmas ever!" or, "And the tree was huge, awesome, and everyone sang around it!" 


It wont be like that. Instead, i will tell you the honest, good to the truth story of my Christmas!

So first of all, i will tell you that i got 3 gifts for Christmas. not 2, but 3 gifts. Dont feel sad, feel glad. I love em'! There awesome and (if you have a computer, Internet connection, and Yahoo! Instant Messenger) you can enjoy them too!!

Now the first gift i opened was from my girlfriend (Yes, i have a girlfriend!). It was an amazing hoodie! It was soft and cozy! I loved it. It was navy blue and amazing! Theres a picture above if you want to see it.

The Second gift i opened was from my mother. It was an amazing KJ-52 (two CD's for one) CD! I loved it! 
Now if you dont know who KJ-52 is, then go into  you room, close the door and slap yourself 3 times (for effect)!!

Back to the story, KJ-52 CD. I will upload some songs sometime for everyone to hear, but until then i will warn you that KJ-52 is a Christian Rapper! If thats too radical for you, go kiss a frog and try to live happily ever after, just let me know so i can watch (with a camera...) you.

The third gift i recieved was from my mother (again). It was the grandest present of them all. It was a Webcam!! and its oh, so amazing! I can use it for more then 1 purpose. I can take pictures, record video, and show people my amazing face if or when they ask. Its just that amazing. It also cam with a mic. so i can let them hear my beatiful voice! 

Maybe one day i will sing you a song and post it here for you to hear! You will have to request it though (and yes, i will decline all who ask, save yourself the time)!!

Now i will give a Christmas Poem (thought of spur of the moment)!!

Christmas tale to you!

By: Zachary (The Amazing poet!)

Now i hope you have enjoyed my little tale, 

A tale that many few, 

will have the chance to hear,

so bust off your couch or chair or beanbag,

and tell the tale of your christmas journey,

The layers and layers of christmas cheer,

will scury though your mind as if your in such a hurry,

goodnight and good peace i wish unto you,

for this is where my journey ends,

and it ends...for you!

The End.

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  1. something wonderful memoir to you 2009 lot of gift...ask your dad buy a laptop..mmm...pretty poem bud..