Sunday, December 20, 2009

Hawaiian Punch and Suicide!!

OK so here i am listening to my new favorite christmas song on YouTube and i decided thatI would drink some Hawaiian punch (This is a 72% fictional story...) and when i finished the 2 liter of Hawaiian punch, i screamed in pain. I was then out of my favorite soda EVER !! I need to see my therapist ...

.. Ok, i think i will be fine. I hope.

Look. Even though im out of soda, why does suicide come to mind? My brain really hates me.

My brain had an argument with me....

my camcorder broke. Its random, sad, and most important, TRUE !! :'-(
Heres the story:
I left it in my bag, in the car, all weekend.
It was very cold.
I got it Sunday night aroung 9pm and when i turned it on, the screen was white....
I was not happy. It was junk.
I gave it to my friend. I hope he enjoys it.
So unless you buy me one for Christmas, i wont get another one for a LONG WHILE......

Hey do you know what i want for Christmas??

1. Webcam
2. Camcorder
3. Cash (if all else fails!)

My list is VERY SIMPLE this year.
If you have a budget crunch this year, i will take the one dollar you have, i wont be offended, but grateful =D

Hey Kyle,
Buy me something please ! <<===

Ok, this is getting redundent. No Thanks.

Merry Christmas !!


  1. Hey thanks for the broken camcorder. It works great. I'm thinking about selling it to a shady pawn shop.

  2. But remember, i get 39% of whatever you get for that camcorder ....... Since, of course, it was (first) mine =D

  3. so its 39/61 split =D you get the bigger chunk. you win.