Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Skillet Rocks :)

Hello. I just wanted to take the time to talk a little bit about my Favorite Band Ever, Skillet. They are currently my favorite band, because they have awesome music! If you have never heard one of there songs you need to go to YouTube right now and check them out (In a new Tab)!! If you like them, you can thank me later, i am just glad that you have discovered and awesome new artist. My favorite song right now is probably there song, Monster. Other then that, they have some other great songs, such as Comotose, Rebirthing, Saviour, Whispers in the dark, Hero, ect... Here is a T-Shirt I found online that you can buy. It's a Skillet T-Shirt (Obviously), but i still like it!

It's Pretty Cool, Huh (that's rhetorical)? Ya. I love it. But they have a newer shirt from there latest albumb, Awake, and it's pretty awesome too (i couldn't find a pic.)!!

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  1. I am so right when i say, "Skillet Rocks!!", because they SO DO! :-D