Saturday, December 26, 2009

Who i bought Gifts for (for Christmas)!

Oh Ya, incase your wondering if i was a lazy bum and didnt buy anything for anyone, your sadly mistaken. I did buy 2 gifts for 2 people and i got 2 Christmas Cards to 2 people. 
So lets begin the story telling of what i got for my 2 people.

You can almost guess who i bought the first gift for (if you read my earlier blog). Yes, your correct, I bought a gift for my girlfriend.

I bought my girlfriend the Wii game, Deca Sports 2! She loved it, but i could not find a snowglobe, which i was look frantically all over for!! Im always happier when im around my girlfriend, Kelsey, because, not sure, i just feel happier, like its her presence that makes me happy or just being around her. I know this is all love and emotions, but im just saying what i feel.

Anyway, back to the presents.

That picture is my girlfriend playing the gift Wii game i bought her. I only had $50 to spend on Christmas so i wanted to buy her something that was memorable and that she could use many times in a row. I think that she will enjoy for a long time to come .....

I also bought my girlfriend a Christmas card and it was all warm with feelings and i know she loved it too.

Now onto my second gift i bought.......

I bought my other gift for my Best Friend (not you George, ur 3rd...) Kyle!! 
I bought him a $5 Gift Card to WalMart xD

Its kinda a joking present, but $5 is alot to me. I put that gift card in the card i got for him. 
He has yet to return my 1 phone call, but if he does not reply before school starts, i will want to smack him in the head and tell him to reply to my one phone call next time i call him. I dont like talking on phones unless i have to. im more of a talking in person, face to face, kinda guy. I can then interpret there body language and know if they're ignoring me or not.

Anyway, thanks for listening to my rambling and i hope that everyone who reads this had a Merry Christmas!!

Friday, December 25, 2009


Hello all you fellow blog readers, Im here to tell you about my amazing and wonderful Christmas. Now this wont be like everyone other one with, "I had the best Christmas ever!" or, "And the tree was huge, awesome, and everyone sang around it!" 


It wont be like that. Instead, i will tell you the honest, good to the truth story of my Christmas!

So first of all, i will tell you that i got 3 gifts for Christmas. not 2, but 3 gifts. Dont feel sad, feel glad. I love em'! There awesome and (if you have a computer, Internet connection, and Yahoo! Instant Messenger) you can enjoy them too!!

Now the first gift i opened was from my girlfriend (Yes, i have a girlfriend!). It was an amazing hoodie! It was soft and cozy! I loved it. It was navy blue and amazing! Theres a picture above if you want to see it.

The Second gift i opened was from my mother. It was an amazing KJ-52 (two CD's for one) CD! I loved it! 
Now if you dont know who KJ-52 is, then go into  you room, close the door and slap yourself 3 times (for effect)!!

Back to the story, KJ-52 CD. I will upload some songs sometime for everyone to hear, but until then i will warn you that KJ-52 is a Christian Rapper! If thats too radical for you, go kiss a frog and try to live happily ever after, just let me know so i can watch (with a camera...) you.

The third gift i recieved was from my mother (again). It was the grandest present of them all. It was a Webcam!! and its oh, so amazing! I can use it for more then 1 purpose. I can take pictures, record video, and show people my amazing face if or when they ask. Its just that amazing. It also cam with a mic. so i can let them hear my beatiful voice! 

Maybe one day i will sing you a song and post it here for you to hear! You will have to request it though (and yes, i will decline all who ask, save yourself the time)!!

Now i will give a Christmas Poem (thought of spur of the moment)!!

Christmas tale to you!

By: Zachary (The Amazing poet!)

Now i hope you have enjoyed my little tale, 

A tale that many few, 

will have the chance to hear,

so bust off your couch or chair or beanbag,

and tell the tale of your christmas journey,

The layers and layers of christmas cheer,

will scury though your mind as if your in such a hurry,

goodnight and good peace i wish unto you,

for this is where my journey ends,

and it ends...for you!

The End.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Hawaiian Punch and Suicide!!

OK so here i am listening to my new favorite christmas song on YouTube and i decided thatI would drink some Hawaiian punch (This is a 72% fictional story...) and when i finished the 2 liter of Hawaiian punch, i screamed in pain. I was then out of my favorite soda EVER !! I need to see my therapist ...

.. Ok, i think i will be fine. I hope.

Look. Even though im out of soda, why does suicide come to mind? My brain really hates me.

My brain had an argument with me....

my camcorder broke. Its random, sad, and most important, TRUE !! :'-(
Heres the story:
I left it in my bag, in the car, all weekend.
It was very cold.
I got it Sunday night aroung 9pm and when i turned it on, the screen was white....
I was not happy. It was junk.
I gave it to my friend. I hope he enjoys it.
So unless you buy me one for Christmas, i wont get another one for a LONG WHILE......

Hey do you know what i want for Christmas??

1. Webcam
2. Camcorder
3. Cash (if all else fails!)

My list is VERY SIMPLE this year.
If you have a budget crunch this year, i will take the one dollar you have, i wont be offended, but grateful =D

Hey Kyle,
Buy me something please ! <<===

Ok, this is getting redundent. No Thanks.

Merry Christmas !!

Friday, December 4, 2009


Ok. I would like to start this blog telling you that if you dont have an AQWorlds account, which may be possible (Not On My Watch!), then you need to create one today (RIGHT NOW!).

What? You think that was it?
I am going to show -- Err, tell you, some of the reasons that you should create an AQWorlds Account.

The top 5 Reasons you should create an AQWorlds Account today!!

1. It's Free (Unless you become a member!)
2. It's Awesome!*
3. You Get cool weapons, helms, outfits, pets, ect...
4. The more you play, the more you will like this game.
5. It's not a waste of time!**

* = Awesomeness is contagious.
** = You will not be addicted, but want to play all the time!

So do you believe me yet? I mean, this is a cool website. You will love it, So much that becoming a member will no longer be optional, but you will have to rip the money from your pants and send it to whatever place it goes to!!

I hope that you will find this game as interesting as me, because i have a blast playing it. If you can ever find me on AQ, i can tell you some cool secrets you, a new player, wont know. Things like, how to get a large amount of gold in a short period of time (5-7 minutes = 9,000+ Gold), Where to find the boss's that drop the best armor (like the Black Night or Grumble), and what shops to go to in order to get the best armor, helms, ect.. (like Inferno Armor in Yulgar).

I can give you the hookup if you need it.
I can be your wingman.
All you have to do is let me know.

Now lets be real, If i haven't gotten you at least a little bit curious to check out the website, i must be doing doing something wrong. I love getting on AQWorlds and earning some gold (or AC's...). It's fun to me, maybe not to you, but your opinion cannot be altered and i think that you need to at least create and account and check it out. It's up to you.

I am going to leave you with my referal link, so you can create your free AQWorlds Account (CLICK HERE).

Also, I am going to give you the link to my AQWorlds Character's Page (Char Page).

Finally, I have created a AQWorlds Slide Show for you to check out, it has places you can go, monsters you can fight, and other awesome AQ-Related stuff (CLICK HERE)!!

Remember, that whenever you get bored, AQ is a fun way to spend your time and get over that case of BORED-ISM!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

One More Day!!

Well all i have to tell you is that there's one more day. One more day of Thanksgiving break before school starts again!! That make's me want to cry!! *crying* I mean, it makes me sad to thank that thanksgiving break is over, it's almost december, and i have to get serious and work these next 3 weeks to get my grades as high as i can get this (hopefully a HIGH grade...). All i want is to be a happy person with good grades, grades i can wave around! Oh Well.... I guess i will have to get a life and take it where it needs to go...

Thursday, November 26, 2009

I Cleaned and Organized My Room...

Here is a cool, awesome, amazing, wonderful, sweet, and sensational video i made.

Thanks for watching my video.
Leave your comments below.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Friday and Saturday (Were Awesome!)

Ok, so here's what im going to do. I am going to tell you about my Friday (Yesterday) and Saturday (Today) and your going to listen (err...Read!).


I went to school (boring part) and had a pretty fun time learning nothing.... Then i had to stay after school and wait for my mother to pick me up from school... (almost to the fun part...). When my mother finally picked me up we had to go to my sisters school to pick her up (Almost to the fun part again...). Then we went to the local theatre (Heres the fun part!!...) to see New Moon!!!! :-D
Yes. I will repeat. I SAW NEW MOON!!!!!! *Jumping with joy*

Ok Enough...

But it was an awesome movie :-P


I woke up at 10:07am and got out of bed (duh...). I walked to my window (to look outside, duh...) and i saw my grandma outside in her car reading a book (could not see the title of the book....). I then noticed it was Saturday morning so i rushed to my closet and pulled some clean clothes and DASHED TO THE SHOWER (I felt smelly AND THATS A BAD SIGN, DUH)!!!!!!!!!! I Then Rushed Down Stairs And Clipped My Finger Nails And Q-Tipped My Ear Real Fast. After That, I Grabbed My Present From Above My Computer (hehe, i called it my computer :P) And Then Climbed Into My Grandma's Car And She Drove My To GOLDEN CORRAL :)


B/c it was my Girlfriends B-Day Party DUH!! (her actual b-day was earlier that Wednesday).

ANYWAY!!...It's 11:20am right now AND....
I said hi and gave her her gift when she got there (I was there first :-D). I will sum up what we did the rest of the time after i said hi.

We Talked.
We Ate.
We Drank.
We Talked.
We Left.
We Drove.
We Arrived.
We Walked.
We Talked.
We Walked.
We Played Wii.
We Talked.
We Ate.
We Watched.
We Ate.
We Drank.
We Pet A Dog (Or 2).
We Got On A Computer.
We Talked.
We Laughed.
We Almost Watched A Movie.

Ok... Now it's 5:45pm now.

I went home and now im bored :'-(

Oh well... That's Life.

Thats all that happened.

COMMENT ON MY AWESOME WEEKEND (Sunday Sucks Though So It Doesnt Count....)!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Skillet Rocks :)

Hello. I just wanted to take the time to talk a little bit about my Favorite Band Ever, Skillet. They are currently my favorite band, because they have awesome music! If you have never heard one of there songs you need to go to YouTube right now and check them out (In a new Tab)!! If you like them, you can thank me later, i am just glad that you have discovered and awesome new artist. My favorite song right now is probably there song, Monster. Other then that, they have some other great songs, such as Comotose, Rebirthing, Saviour, Whispers in the dark, Hero, ect... Here is a T-Shirt I found online that you can buy. It's a Skillet T-Shirt (Obviously), but i still like it!

It's Pretty Cool, Huh (that's rhetorical)? Ya. I love it. But they have a newer shirt from there latest albumb, Awake, and it's pretty awesome too (i couldn't find a pic.)!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Random Kyle Video :)

I told you i wold not post this on Facebook... Never said i wouldn't post it on my blog :-D

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Grass Chop: A Silent Film

I made this some time ago, but i wanted to post it for those of you who wanted to see it. Its awesome. Dont deny it. My Sister directed it for me. She's Awesome. That Is All. Thanks. Bye Now. Watch Video First Though. Other then that, Bye.

Monday, October 26, 2009